India's Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter's Recent Discovery on Moon

Chandrayaan-2 Spectrometer "Chandra’s Atmospheric Composition Explorer-2 or CHACE-2" made first-of-its-kind unique observation

CHACE-2's Recent Discovery on Moon

CHACE-2 onboard Chandrayaan-2 mission, discovered an inert, colourless & odorless element in Moon’s Atmosphere

Discovered Argon Gas in Moon’s Atmosphere

Argon-40 (Ar-40) is a Noble gas formed from radioactive disintegration of Potassium-40 

Why these observation of Argon-40 in lunar exosphere important?

Noble gases play very important role as they serve as tracers to understand surface-exosphere interaction processes

Why these observations of Argon-40 important?

It has a significant role in providing the insights of dynamics of the lunar exospheric species

But why these results are unique?

Uniqueness of this result from Chandrayaan-2 Chandra’s Atmospheric Composition Explorer-2 (CHACE-2) explained by the Space Agency 

Explained by the Space Agency

According to ISRO, the CHACE-2 observations have covered the equatorial & mid latitude regions of the Moon

Explained by the Space Agency

Providing the diurnal and spatial variation of Ar-40 & bridge the gap area to study the dynamics of the lunar exospheric species

What CHACE-2 observations revealed ?

Increase in no. density of Ar-40 near sunrise terminator, which decrease through dayside, a secondary peak near sunset terminator & a night-side minima

What CHACE-2 observations revealed ?

CHACE-2 observations also revealed that the distribution in Ar-40 has significant spatial heterogeneity 

What CHACE-2 observations indicate?

Moon quakes, regions with lower activation energies and unknown or additional loss processes 

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