British Scientist & Cosmologist Stephen Hawking Death Anniversary

Hawking died at the age of 76 on 14 March, in the year 2018, leaving  Scientific community in deep shock

Stephen Hawking - A great Inspiring Scientist &  person with Strong Personality

He battled Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis & was told he had less than 3 years to live when first diagnosed

Stephen Hawking - A great Inspiring Scientist & a person with Strong Personality

But he did not let the disease to stop him in exploring the universe & spreading his scientific knowledge to the world

Remembering Stephen Hawking on his death anniversary 

Here are some of his Groundbreaking Theories & Discoveries that can be attributed to the Phenomenal Scientist

Stephen Hawking Groundbreaking Theories & Discoveries

Hawking made calculated predictions about everything form the formation of the universe to its possible end

Existence of Black Holes in the  universe 

He was the first person to provide Mathematical proof for the existence of Black Holes & also postulated about their formation

Hawking Radiation phenomenon

He predicted that black holes emit radiation. Later in his honour the phenomenon was named the Hawking radiation

Hawking Theory of Time

One of His time theories state that before Big Bang explosion time had no existence

The Multiverse theory (Theory of Parallel Universe)

His final research paper suggests that parallel universe may exist & our Universe may be one of many similar to our own

Some of the greatest work of Stephen Hawking’s - His Book List

A Brief History of Time The Big Bang Theory The Universe in a Nutshell Black Holes & Baby Universes

Stephen Hawking’s contribution will always remain valuable to the scientific community Visit for more updates