AARONIA AG opens its subsidiary in Austria at Vienna

AARONIA AG opens its subsidiary in Austria at Vienna- Vöslau Airport. Stephan Kraschansky (32), former officer and expert in drone defense in the Austrian Armed Forces, will lead the company as Managing Director. A live demo of the world’s most successful anti-drone system AARTOS, will be presented to a group of international representatives at the start of the company’s operations.

With the foundation of a subsidiary in Austria and the opening of the new location at Vienna-Vöslau Airport, AARONIA AG reacting to the constantly growing demand for its products. In both the military and civil sectors, the need for reliable systems to detect and defend against drones is constantly increasing. AARONIA AG is responding to this demand not only by expanding its capacities at the Strickscheid location where it was founded. With the opening at Vienna-Vöslau Airport, it offers its customers a location with very good infrastructure and optimal conditions for demonstrations as well as training on the AARTOS system. The new company is managed by Stephan Kraschansky. The former officer of the Austrian Armed Forces is a proven expert who was responsible for the development of the “Electronic Warfare for Drone Defense” (ELDRO). It is one of the most advanced anti-drone units in Europe.

We are very pleased that we succeeded in winning Stephan and three other experts for our subsidiary’s,explains Thorsten Chmielus, CEO and founder AARONIA AG. “This enables us to serve significantly more inquiries and meet the needs of our customers even better.”

“When the offer from AARONIA came, I didn’t have to think twice. The Vienna-Vöslau site offers ideal training and demonstration conditions thanks to numerous civil transmitters and flight movements,says Stephan Kraschansky, Managing Director of AARONIA GmbH Austria. “And no one had to convince me of the system’s performance. After all I have know the “AARTOS DDS” sensor system as the heart of ELDRO since 2020.”