Automatic winder of photoelectric composite cable for wired drone system

Aerosense will start selling the domestic fully automatic winder “Aerobo Reel”(AS-IAR01) that automatically winds and unwinds the photoelectric composite cable of the wired drone system “Aerobo On Air” that was introduced in 2020. Aerobo On Air is expected to play an active role in fields such as broadcasting, security, inspection, construction, and disaster investigation, and together with this product, we are consistently developing, designing, manufacturing, and selling in Japan.

With a wired drone system without a winder, the cables were manually laid on the ground, so it was necessary to have personnel to prepare the cables to prevent entanglement. With the introduction of this product, in addition to being able to reduce the number of personnel at the site where Aeroboon Air is used, the usability and safety of the photoelectric composite cable will be improved, and more advanced utilization such as cooperation between Aeroboon Air and vehicles is expected.

Aero Boriel.jpg

Key points of the product:

(1) Reduction of personnel by Automatic Winding / Unwinding function of Photoelectric Composite Cable, improvement of safety and usability

Normally, in a wired drone system, it is necessary to carefully arrange the photoelectric composite cable to prevent entanglement etc., but this product can automatically wind and unwind the cable according to the state of the drone. No need for personnel to arrange the cables. In particular, in a wired drone system that is expected to fly for a long time because power can be supplied at all times, being able to operate with a smaller number of personnel reduces the work load and improves the usability and safety of the wired drone system. be connected.

In addition, since it is not necessary to crawl the cable on the ground, it is possible to carry this product on a vehicle and fly it. In the future, we can expect that this product will be combined with the wired drone system “Aero Boon Air” for disaster investigation vehicles, video relay systems, construction, firefighting vehicles, broadcast relay vehicles, wireless relay vehicles, etc.

(2) Ensuring the performance of Photoelectric Composite Cable by realizing delicate control of Optical Fiber Cables

Aeroboon Air uses a specially developed optical fiber and photoelectric composite cable for power supply to supply power and perform high-speed signal communication between the drone and the ground. Fiber optic cables are very delicate and difficult to handle, but this product controls the tension to the minimum for drone flight. Furthermore, by designing with consideration for durability and performing delicate control, automatic winding and unwinding that does not impair the performance of the photoelectric composite cable is realized.

(3) Equipped with safety functions such as Automatic Winding / Unwinding Status Notification, Display Screen, and Emergency/Emergency Response

In addition to the function to notify the status by indicator and voice for safe operation, it is equipped with safety functions such as an earth leakage breaker and a motor emergency stop button in case of emergency. In addition, it has an LCD screen on the back of the main unit, which can display the length of the photoelectric composite cable, the status of the internal motor, the rotation speed of the motor, etc., and can be operated while checking the accurate cable status.

In addition, it has a dustproof and waterproof function equivalent to IP43, so it can respond to sudden weather changes.

Back panel of automatic take-up machine "Aero Boriel" (AS-IAR01)
Back panel of automatic take-up machine “Aero Boriel” (AS-IAR01)
System connection diagram of automatic take-up machine "Aero Boriel" (AS-IAR01)
System connection diagram of automatic take-up machine “Aero Boriel” (AS-IAR01)

Main specifications of automatic take-up machine “Aero Boriel” (AS-IAR01) 

 Size (length x width x height)  508 x 544 x 350 mm (excluding handle and stand)
 508 x 646 x 374 mm (including handle and stand)
 * None includes power cable
 weight 36.5kg
 * Including photoelectric composite cable and power cable
 Power supply used AC100V
 Rated power consumption 150W
 Cable length Drone side photoelectric composite cable 100m
 Base station side photoelectric composite cable 5m
 Power cord 20m
 Guaranteed operating temperature -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
 Manual operation button Up / Down / Right / Left / Mode / Enter
 indicator LED (Power / Alert)
 LCD (mode status, cable length, motor speed, etc.)   
 Waterproof and dustproof performance IP43 equivalent
 Safety features Earth leakage breaker
 motor Emergency stop button
 Voice, status notification by indicator

With this product and the wired drone system “Aeroboon Air”, Aerosense will contribute to the efficiency of more diverse sites such as broadcasting, monitoring / security, inspection, construction, disaster investigation / response, and communication relay.