Autonomous Vehicle solutions with Robotic Research AD Kit technology

Gaussin & Robotic Research collaborate on Autonomous Vehicle Technology in North America to equip GAUSSIN’s heavy-duty Zero Emission truck & e-bus applications with Robotic Research Autonomous Driving Kits. The companies will work together towards delivering Autonomous Vehicle solutions with Robotic Research AD Kit technology to fleet operations in their respective target sectors.

Enabling large autonomous vehicle technology deployment

Gaussin, an industry leader in zero-emission electric and autonomous vehicle deployments, has chosen to extend its own award-winning autonomous driving capabilities with Robotic Research based on the company’s proven, industry-leading, artificial intelligence-based technology, coupled with its extensive experience delivering autonomous driving applications for customers within the defense and intelligence community, including the U.S. Department of Defense.

Gaussin has developed a comprehensive product line of battery electric and fuel cell heavy-duty vehicles for its core target transportation segments for logistics centers, ports, airports and smart cities.

Robotic Research will design, develop, produce and supply to Gaussin Robotic Research’s AutoDrive autonomous driving systems; RR-N-140 navigation system; PerCV perception, obstacle detection and avoidance modules; and Beacon V2I RTK base station (“AutoDrive Stack”). The AutoDrive Stack will be integrated to Gaussin’s Autonomous Vehicles.

One immediate area of focus for the combined solution is in Logistics Yard Automation, where self-driving vehicles have the ability to enhance processes in the transport of goods and handling of trailers in order to increase the overall efficiency. Self-driving vehicles can also significantly increase safety in transport and loading processes.

Reinforcing GAUSSIN’s presence in North America

Robotic Research is a privately held, U.S.-based innovative engineering and technology company providing software, robotic technology, and autonomous solutions to commercial and government customers. This strategic agreement is a new step towards Gaussin’s presence in North America after the recent signing of a partnership with Canadian mobility technology giant Magna and US-based Plug Power leading provider of clean hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cell solutions. European markets are also a key target of this agreement.

“We’re excited to work with Gaussin, who produce world-class vehicles that have a strong impact on the transportation and logistics markets,” said Alberto Lacaze, president of Robotic Research. “Both of these markets strongly benefit from automation, and by combining Robotic Research’s industry-leading autonomous capabilities and Gaussin’s unique platforms, we’ll be able to further expand the reach of our AI-enabled state-of-the-art solutions across the industry.”

“This new agreement with Robotic Research is a fantastic opportunity for GAUSSIN to enhance its autonomous vehicle technology. Robotic Research has an outstanding reputation as a provider of autonomy and robotic technology, which will complement GAUSSIN’s own capacities. It is also an opportunity for the Group to extend its presence in North America, where it has gained momentum lately”, said Christophe Gaussin, CEO for Gaussin.

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