Bynav Technology Makes Debut at IAA MOBILITY 2023

On September 5, 2023, in Munich, Germany, the IAA MOBILITY 2023 event kicked off, and Bynav Technology made its inaugural appearance at the show, introducing its high-precision positioning solutions for intelligent vehicles.

During the IAA event, Bynav unveiled a range of cutting-edge automotive-grade GNSS solutions, including the GNSS SoC named Alice, GNSS/INS positioning module(P-MODULE), GNSS/INS positioning unit (P-BOX), and inertial measurement unit(IMU-BOX).

One of the standout products featured at the event was the M2 positioning module. Built on the Bynav GNSS SoC Alice platform, this compact 17*22mm module supports full-system and full-frequency L1/L2/L5, including L-BAND & CLAS, boasting an impressive array of over 1500 channels. Its robust anti-jamming capabilities are a result of the built-in SAIF  (Smart Advanced Interference defense) algorithm. The M2 module, which complies with ASIL B functional safety level, is available in two versions: GNSS only and GNSS/INS with dead reckoning, offering integration with an automotive-grade MEMS IMU and the DIST Deeply Coupled GNSS/INS positioning engine.

The M2 module delivers high reliability and cost-effectiveness for automotive OEMs and can seamlessly integrate into the domain controller or intelligent driving systems of Tier 1 customers. Currently, Bynav’s high-precision positioning products have garnered interest from several Chinese OEMs for mass production and are widely used in L4 autonomous driving and robotaxi companies around the world.

In response to China’s vast market demand and complex road environments, China emerged as the world’s largest intelligent vehicle market with millions of intelligent car sales. During this process, Chinese automotive supply chain companies like Bynav have developed globally leading high-precision positioning solutions for intelligent vehicles. Bynav, as an innovator, will actively participate in the intelligent transformation of the European and global automotive industry and become a high-precision positioning solution provider with global influence.