Profound Positioning unveiled Instant Vehicle Tracking Software for Automakers

Rapid & continuous decimeter level position accuracy achieved with automotive sensors everywhere vehicles go!

Profound Positioning Inc., the globally recognized experts in navigation and positioning software, are disrupting the industry with their Instant Vehicle Tracking (IVT) solution. Using advanced multi-sensor fusion, Profound Positioning Inc. achieves continuous decimeter level accuracy and is the only cost-effective solution with the performance now demanded for safer, more efficient driving, everywhere vehicles go.

Vehicle navigation requires rapid decimeter level resolution at all times, no matter where the vehicle is, or what the conditions are. Barriers to achieving this performance include: poor continuity due to weather conditions, satellite and base station obstruction or lack of base station infrastructure; errors in GNSS information, and poor integration between GNSS and dead reckoning and/or other sensor systems; high cost, or affordable sensors offering poor performance; and, slow resolution, with lag time for corrections and sensor convergence. With a deep understanding of both industry expectations and the technology that can achieve this, Profound Positioning Inc. designed their Instant Vehicle Tracking system that overcomes all of these issues and offers the most accurate, cost-effective, and fastest solution.

“Our vision is to be the leading provider of affordable, continuous, reliable and accurate navigation solutions,” begins Dr. Naser El-Shiemy, CEO Profound Positioning Inc. “We are able to achieve navigation everywhere, with dollar-level sensors. This is truly a game-changer.”

Instant Vehicle Tracking, by Profound Positioning Inc., harnesses all the benefits of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) GNSS, inertial, and radar systems in an integrated solution that offers unmatched precision and continuous accuracy at a very low cost. It is also highly customizable is well suited for integration with most navigation sensors, communication links, and databases.

Based on a firmware library, and rapidly adaptable to any navigation platform, IVT uses combined PPP, DR and Radar technologies  in an integrated solutionto provide decimeter level positioning accuracy plus orientation and velocity, in a global solution that performs in even in tunnels, dense urban environments, multi-level highway junctions, and even parkades. With errors <1% of distance travelled, resolution is extremely rapid. Base stations are not required and there are no operating range limitations.

Vehicle applications for Instant Vehicle Tracking include: driver assistance, mobility and taxi, autonomous vehicles, geofencing, fleet tracking, insurance, driving and safety management, and connected driving.

Profound Positioning Inc. is currently making their Instant Vehicle Tracking solution available to automotive companies, integrators, and solution providers