LeddarTech joins Renesas R-Car Consortium to accelerate Autonomous Driving & ADAS Development

Combining LeddarTech’s sensor fusion & LiDAR technologies with Renesas’ R-Car V3U technology for ADAS & AD systems

LeddarTech announced a strengthened collaboration with Renesas by joining the R-Car Consortium, and with a new collaboration on the development and promotion of an automotive ADAS reference platform. This platform combines LeddarTech’s industry-leading raw data sensor fusion stack and LiDAR technology with Renesas’ newly launched R-Car V3U – a best-in-class ASIL D system-on-chip (SoC) for ADAS and AD systems.

Renesas is already investing in LeddarTech SoC development and production for the LeddarEngine, consisting of the world’s most advanced and integrated LiDAR SoCs, the LCA2 and LCA3, and accompanying LiDAR measurement software. These SoCs power the most cost-efficient LiDARs enabling mass deployment of advanced level 2 and 3 passenger car ADAS applications and a broad range of mobility and industrial applications.

This automotive ADAS reference platform expands the companies’ collaboration to the system level with a sensor fusion solution applicable to the camera and RADAR sensor-based systems plus systems that add LiDAR to deliver higher safety and performance. These improvements are achieved with a software-centric and extensible architecture compatible with the Renesas’ R-Car V3U processor and roadmap.

“The expanded collaboration with LeddarTech on this project introduces a higher performance ADAS system optimized for power and cost compatible with high volume deployment to the market,” said Tomomitsu Maoka, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Manager, Automotive Solution Business Unit, of Renesas. “The combination of LeddarTech’s sensor fusion and LiDAR technologies in an open platform model and Renesas’ R-Car V3U technology will help our customers develop value-added and differentiated solutions in this rapidly evolving ADAS & AD market.”

Renesas is the market leader in automotive processors,” stated Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. “Our collaboration on this project accelerates the market introduction of a safer and cost-efficient ADAS system that offers an improved user experience.” He continued, “the solution also enables software for extensible and upgradable ADAS & AD platforms, accelerating subsequent innovation and development cycles.”