SYRLINKS, world leader in the design of RF communication systems for the space domain and CNES – Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, are pleased to celebrate together the delivery of the S-band transceiver – EWC29 and the X-band transmitter – EWC30 dedicated to the MERLIN mission. This is equipment allowing satellite telemetry and remote control for the EWC29 and image telemetry for the EWC30. Both devices comply with the ECSS Class 3 standards. The development and manufacture of these two pieces of equipment are part of the MYRIADE Evolutions platform sector developed with Thales Alenia Space and CNES and financed in particular thanks to the Investment Plan for the Future dated 2010.

In 2028, the Franco-German satellite MERLIN (MEthane Remote sensing LIdar mission) will be put into Earth orbit. Its mission: to measure the concentration of atmospheric methane with unparalleled unprecedented precision, in order to better understand the emission sources and absorption sinks of this greenhouse gas, which plays a decisive role in the disruption climatic. The development of the MERLIN satellite is the result of a collaboration between CNES and the DLR (German space agency).

“We are very proud to have been chosen by CNES for this project. We have taken up this challenge. The path was long and complicated, but we all succeeded together, thanks to this close collaboration between the CNES teams and the SYRLINKS teams. The projects we carry out with CNES are always exciting. But working for a mission that seeks to better understand the causes of climate change is even more motivating, because environmental issues are currently at the heart of societal concerns. We hope to work to bequeath a greener planet to our children. explains Bertrand Ekoué, Director of Programs at SYRLINKS.

“The S-band transceiver – EWC29 – required several years of work. The realization of such a small equipment, although secured by a perfect separation of the reception and transmission functions, and compliant with the ECSS Class 3 standard, is a success which we are very pleased about. We also thank the CNES for their technical support and valuable expertise. says Corinne Fournigault, project manager at SYRLINKS.

“Participating in this long-term technical project made us grow. Technical expertise, rigor and monitoring of spatial processes are a permanent challenge that the SYRLINKS team has taken up and brought to fruition. The support of our partners and the always positive follow-up of CNES have contributed to this success. We are now eagerly awaiting feedback on the use of our X-band transmitter – EWC30 – on the MERLIN mission. adds Xavier Martin, business manager at SYRLINKS.

“SYRLINKS is a major French player in the space sector which contributes to the success of the MYRIADE Evolutions sector and the institutional (including MERLIN) and commercial beneficiary missions. SYRLINKS’ technological mastery is remarkable. The involvement of its employees is exemplary. The quality of SYRLINKS products is proven; in fact, equipment in orbit accumulates thousands of hours of nominal operation. The Rennes company seizes every opportunity to progress, and gain in maturity and efficiency, particularly in the context of the manufacture of flight models. If the CNES is a client of SYRLINKS, the Agency is concerned to also behave as a partner, in order to support SYRLINKS with rigor and integrity accompanied by pragmatism, discernment and benevolence. The future of SYRLINKS rests on its ability to innovate, by offering a catalog of spatial quality products, and by relying on its highly experienced employees and the bold new generations. concludes Bruno Millet, MYRIADE Evolutions and MERLIN project manager at CNES.