Swift Navigation Honored as “Navigation Technology Solution of the Year”

Swift ​​Navigation​’s precise positioning solution selected as winner of the “Navigation Technology Solution of the Year” award in the inaugural AutoTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for the most innovative technology companies in the world. The AutoTech Breakthrough Awards aims to recognize the breakthrough technology companies, services and products in the global automotive and transportation industry today.

Swift’s automotive production solution improves standard vehicle GNSS-based positioning from an average of 3 meters of accuracy to better than 10 centimeters. Swift’s precise positioning solution consists of the receiver-agnostic Starling Positioning Engine and cloud-based corrections from Skylark Precise Positioning Service.

Starling provides an integrated solution for precise automotive positioning applications that is hardware-agnostic and interoperable with automotive-grade GNSS chipsets. When combined with vehicle inertial sensor measurements, wheel odometry and other sensor inputs, the Starling Positioning Engine can assist with vehicle localization, decision and control. Starling complies with ISO 26262 safety standard and significantly reduces the cost of centimeter-level accurate positioning for autonomous applications.

Skylark is a one-of-a-kind, cloud-based GNSS corrections service that enables high-precision positioning for mass market automotive and autonomous applications while delivering quick and robust positioning data with high reliability and availability—even in challenging environments. Skylark works seamlessly across continents and is available across the continental United States and Europe and is available in the countries of Japan, South Korea and Australia, with plans underway to expand globally.

“Higher levels of autonomous capability require high-precision localization and Swift was founded on the notion that GNSS positioning technology should be more accurate and affordable to drive autonomous applications,” said Timothy Harris, Co-Founder and CEO at Swift Navigation. “We are proud to say that our team has accomplished just that, and we are honored to accept Navigation Technology Solution of the Year honors from the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards.”

“Swift Navigation is at the leading edge of an industry making high-precision automotive localization a reality to support safe autonomous vehicle implementation,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. “We are proud to award them Navigation Technology Solution of the Year honors for their innovative solutions pushing the industry forward, and their commitment to ensuring safety and accuracy.”