Taiwan LOCOSYS is targeting at the 5G IoT & V2X market

Taiwan LOCOSYS has been launching the smallest RTK module (RTK-1010) and arousing global customers’ strong attention since 2021 March. The RTK-1010 then successfully obtains official evaluation report from Taiwan government. In 2022, LOCOSYS are continuously devoting to developing and expanding RTK-related applications, especially targeting in 5G IoT and VX2 Market, for offering customers multiple solutions promptly, including High Cost-effective RTK modules: RTK-1722-T, RTK-1612-DG, and RTK-1722-DG.

According to the 5G ITU-T G.8273.2 standard of Transport Application Specification, the standards of Class D Phase/Time should be in accordance with ±5ns accuracy. Outstandingly, the PPS timing accuracy of RTK-1722-T has already realized ±2ns, which is much more precise than the standards.  Besides, according to the research report of IHS Markit, the global business data consulting services, it pointed out that 5G-related applications will create 13 trillion output value and will continue increasing afterwards.  With the continuous increase of data transfer rate, the infrastructure equipments (e.g. 5G Telecom Providers, Routers, Switches, Micro Base Stations, and so on) need higher and higher accuracy of time synchronization.  Not only does the specification of RTK-1722-T stay ahead of our international competitors, but also its competitive unit price is affordable for our global customers.  RTK-1722-T will definitely help the customer shorten the design and development cycles of the whole project and accelerating time-to-market.

Because of the ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) and Autonomous Driving market continue to accelerate their evolution, both LOCOSYS RTK-1612-DG and RTK-1722-DG modules can meet the application requirements of autonomous driving.  The two modules have L1+L5 multi-frequency high-precision ADR/ UDR inertial navigation.  They can allow mobile vehicles to maintain the centimeter-level positioning accuracy.  When the satellite signal is disconnected, the driving route can be still maintained.  The modules, which integrates high-precision and 6-axis-sensor dynamic algorithm, have the ability to learn intelligently in order to suit for various vehicle environments and to output the dynamic attitude and angle of the car.  RTK-1612-DG and RTK-1722-DG improve several times of performance than general GPS positioning solutions do, including: centimeter-level positioning accuracy, 100 Mhz high update rate, ADR/UDR automatic switching, low latency and anti-interference, and other advantages.  These modules are the best choices to customers in using self-driving and unmanned applications.

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