Top 10 GPS Tracker Companies for IoT Applications

Top 10 GPS Tracker Companies for IoT Applications | A GPS tracker is a global navigation system that can provide a person’s or object’s accurate location, velocity, and time synchronisation. In 2020, the global GPS tracking device market size was recorded to be valued at $1.78 billion and is projected to reach $4.93 billion by 2028. 

These GPS-tracking devices are used for vehicle tracking, fleet management, logistics, kids’ safety, and more. However, the key factors that drive the growth of the GPS tracking device market include:

  • An increase in demand for IoT (Internet of Things)and cloud technology.
  • Souring commercial vehicle sales.

In this article, we are listing Top 10 GPS Tracker Companies for IoT Applications and other things, as mentioned.


Teltonika is a GPS tracking company that offers a range of products for vehicle tracking. These trackers work for asset and fleet management as well.

You can use trackers such as FMB920, which is a best-seller and has sold over 3 million units worldwide. In addition, other common basic trackers are FMB900, FMB910, FMB920, FMB930, FMB965, and FMC920. For advanced uses, you can use products such as FMB130, FMB110, FMB120, FMB122, FMV125, FMB202, FMB204, FMB209, and FMB225. There are much more.

These GPS trackers have features such as protection against dust and water, remote monitoring possibilities, and reliable global coverage.


Queclink is a Chinese company that offers GPS trackers for various uses including fleet management, asset tracking, and personal tracking. The company is significantly known for its GPS and navigation equipment. 

Some of the best GPS trackers include the Queclink GL520, Queclink GV300W, Queclink GV50, and Queclink GL505.

One of the differentiating factors of Queclink is its series of waterproof GPS trackers. In addition to that, they are compatible with Google Maps, providing real-time data. Moreover, they are integrated with smart alerts, easy to attach with magnets, and with a long battery life.


CalAmp provides a range of GPS tracking devices, especially for SaaS businesses, with best-in-class business solutions added. The differentiating factor about CalAmp is its personalization with different business types. Hence, providing a customised solution for each. Some of the GPS trackers by CalAmp are:

  • CalAmp LMU-330
  • CalAmp ATU-620
  • CalAmp LMU-1100
  • CalAmp LMU-1200

The basic features of GPS trackers are easy installation, durability, and longevity. In addition to that, PEG™ Edge Intelligence Engine helps to expand device functionality. Moreover, PULS™ Device Management helps with tracking, monitoring, and managing connected devices. Other features of CalAmp’s GPS trackers include: 

  • Extended battery for backup power or long-term deployment.
  • The trackers are fully integrated with CalAmp software solutions, platform, and CalAmp Telematics Cloud.

Lastly, it offers a compact, sensitive GPS, and cellular connectivity for data backhaul.

Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete focuses entirely on providing GPS trackers for comprehensive fleet management solutions. This includes real-time tracking, route optimisation, and driver behaviour monitoring to prevent accidents.

The company’s GPS trackers focus mainly on accurate location tracking, driver and vehicle safety, and better vehicle utilisation. Therefore, ensuring no leaks of assets.


NimbeLink specialises particularly in asset tracking when it comes to GPS trackers. Unlike most of the GPS trackers, this one particularly focuses on improving fleet operations and customer service.

Some of the exceptional features include water resistance, configurable alerting, motion tracking and temperature alerts. However, others include:

  • Low-power LTE M1 Technology
  • Long battery life (7-10 years)
  • Real-time tracking
  • GPS, GNSS, GLONASS, BeiDou enabled.


Trackimo, a US-based IoT solution provider, has one of the smartest, compact, and cost-effective GPS tracking devices. These GPS trackers can be used for personal as well as professional safety, and thus, used by both customers and business sectors. 

Some of the best GPS trackers by Trackimo are Trackimo 3G Guardian GPS Tracker and Trackimo 4G Car/Marine GPS Tracker. 

The key features of the GPS trackers include Smart Alert and SOS. Smart alert sends you a notification for emergency cases, safety zone breaches, and sudden movement. With the SOS button, you can instantly broadcast the location via email or text. Meanwhile, other features include:

  • The combination of GPS and GSM provides real-time location and its history.
  • You can track via web or smartphone app anywhere in the world where GSM cellular reception is available.

Lastly, the annual service cost by Trackimo is affordable and thus, cost-effective. 

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless provides IoT solutions, including GPS tracking devices, particularly for fleet operations, asset management and supply chain optimization. 

Provides IoT solutions, including GPS tracking devices, for asset management, supply chain optimization, and fleet tracking.


Concox offers a wide range of GPS trackers for vehicle tracking, asset tracking, personal tracking, and fleet management. In addition to that, it offers cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Some of the best tracking devices include VL103M, VL512, and VL103D. They have features like LTE and CSM networks, configurable input/output, driving behaviour analysis, and multiple alerts.


Meitrack is a multipurpose GPS tracker that can be used for various applications such as vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and personal tracking. However, it works best for personal tracking uses.

Some of the vehicle GPS trackers by Meitrack include T633L, T399L, and TS299L 4G Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, personal GPS trackers include P882, P99G, and MT90G.

Some of the features of their tracker include an SOS button, step counting, fast magnetic charging, alarm clock, and smart working mode. Moreover, it includes water resistance as well since most of the GPS trackers have it.


Globalstar is a satellite-based GPS tracking solutions company for remote and off-grid applications. In simple words, it provides coverage in areas where the internet may not be accessible.

Hence, Globalstar’s GPS trackers can be really helpful for asset tracking in remote areas. These GPS trackers have some special features such as Dock Mode, tracking intervals at 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes, and more:

  • Any new motion sends you a new text or email.
  • Power off message when the tracker turns off.
  • Low battery notification.
  • Status message.

Some of the best GPS trackers by Globalstar are Integrity 150, SmartOne Solar, SmartOne C, and SPOT Trace®.

List of Top 10 GPS Tracker Companies for IoT Applications

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