WORK Microwave Demonstrates Innovations for the Space Industry at ILA Berlin 2022

WORK Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced RF technology, will demonstrate its world-class satellite and space communications equipment at ILA Berlin 2022, one of the premiere global events for the aerospace industry. At ILA Berlin 2022, WORK Microwave will showcase some of its key solutions at the joint DeSK (German Centre for Satellite Communication Association) stand 432, Hall ILA6.

WORK Microwave solutions and demos on display will include:

A One-Stop-Shop Solution: WORK Microwave’s AX-60 Modem and IQ spacecom’s XLink Transceiver

WORK Microwave, along with partner IQ spacecom, will demonstrate an end-to-end CubeSat solution at ILA Berlin 2022. The workflow is simple. From space, an XLink Transceiver from IQ spacecom connects seamlessly with the AX-60 modem from WORK Microwave. Both platforms connect to IP networks and provide easy-to-use, straightforward connectivity. With this solution, operators can reliably perform telecommand and telemetry transmission tasks and other mission communication to and from satellites. As one of the world’s first end-to-end CubeSat solutions, it supports satellite communication for both the ground and space segments with guaranteed compatibility. In addition, the solution features space communication waveforms according to CCSDS Recommended Standards (Blue Books) 131.0 and 231.0.

At the heart of the solution is WORK Microwave’s AX-60-S02190 CCSDS TM/TC ground station modem and IQ spacecom’s XLink space segment transceiver. The modem features a CCSDS 131.0-B-3-compliant downlink, a CCSDS 231.0-B-3-compliant uplink, symbol rates of 10 ksps up to 75 Msps, and IQ constellation output, with a proven and flexible A-Series SDR architecture.

The active demo will capture live images from the show floor at ILA Berlin 2022 to demonstrate how WORK Microwave’s AX-60-S02190 CCSDS TM/TC modem seamlessly integrates with IQ spacecom’s XLink Transceiver.

Cutting-Edge V-Band, Quad-Channel Upconverter

At ILA Berlin 2022, WORK Microwave will also bring its Quad-Channel V-Band Block Upconverter to the event. The company is one of the industry’s first satcom solutions providers to support the full V-band spectrum, leading the industry in helping satellite operators expand their capacity to keep pace with the demanding communications requirements fuelled by bandwidth-intensive broadcast and data services. WORK Microwave’s upconverter has already been deployed by global satellite operators to support secure, high-performance communications projects.

Integrated Wideband Downconverter

WORK Microwave’s Integrated Wideband Downconverter will be on display at ILA Berlin 2022. Covering the full spectrum up to 40 GHz, the wideband frequency downconverters can be deployed indoors and outdoors or can be integrated as OEM modules for a wide variety of demanding applications.

Dual-Channel Ka-Band Block Converter Module

Additionally, WORK Microwave will demo its Dual-Channel Ka-Band Block Converter Module with an internal reference and integrated output combiner. Beyond the Ka-band, the converter module is available for the C- to Q-band.

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