2021 Right-of-Way Asset Mapping Exchange Virtual Conference

2nd Right-of-Way Asset Mapping VCX (Virtual Conference Experience) is an online Virtual Conference which is focused on innovation in asset inventory and mapping that supports all phases of infrastructure lifecycles.

The conference is going to take place on 13 July 2021 and the registration for the event is free. The event will have the interactive sessions providing information on a various current and emerging technologies in the Geospatial industry.

The conference will discuss how the power of data and asset mapping technology can help to improve the right way of infrastructure.

  • Exploring the future of smart cities and digital twins.
  • Explaining the benefits of 3D models as an advanced spatial analysis tool for urban planning.
  • Comparing 2D and 3D visualization tools.
  • How a two-man team can capture 500 miles worth of utility data in two weeks.
  • A light equity study and pole inventory in the context of the transition to LED lighting.

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