Quectel’s 5G mmWave Module selected by TVU Networks to support its 8K UHD Video Transmitter

New Quectel Modules Enable TVU Router to Bundle Multiple 5G Signals & Provide Higher Bandwidth for 8K UHD Real-time, Mobile Transmission

Quectel’s 5G mmWave module RM510Q-GL has been selected by TVU Networks, the market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, to support its 8K ultra high definition (UHD) video transmitter – the TVU Router. A rack-mounted router capable of delivering 4Gbps by aggregating up to six internal 5G modems, the TVU Router provides reliable and portable Internet access and will now include six Quectel 5G mmWave modules. The TVU Router is ideal for use in remote live video production, file transfers and emergency communications applications.

With the 4K/8K live streaming market’s rapid embrace of digital broadcast technology, greater demands are placed on wireless systems, including requirements for higher data rates, improved reliability, stability, and low latency transmission. These needs are addressed by Quectel’s RM510Q-GL 5G mmWave module, which allows the 5G TVU Router to bundle multiple 5G signals and provide higher bandwidth – at up to 4Gbps downlink and uplink data rates. With the Quectel modules, the TVU Router can realize remote transmission of 8K UHD or 8K VR panoramic signals in real-time.

As 5G has quickly become the leading global mobile technology, we see new use cases every day. Our superior 5G modules have been selected by global partners in diverse applications including the fast-developing 4K/8K live broadcasting field,” said Patrick Qian, CEO, Quectel. “We are proud to have more in depth collaboration with TVU in mmWave technology. We can’t wait to see the advances that arise from the use of our 5G modules within the TVU Router.”

In addition, as millimeter wave technology supports 5G deployments in major cities and dense urban environments, the TVU Router with Quectel RM501Q-GL modules installed is ideal for interior and exterior live productions. It can support large-scale events requiring high capacity both inside and out, while the wireless connectivity provided by the Quectel mmWave module makes it flexible for all types of deployments and reduces costs when compared with traditional live streaming solutions.

As the first mmWave module that Quectel brought to market, the RM510Q-GL has been deployed at massive scale in both industrial and commercial applications, such as wireless broadband access, laptops, and HD video transmission. The RM510Q-GL module supports mmWave and Sub-6GHz bands in both 5G NSA (non-standalone) and SA (standalone) modes.

“We’ve been working with Quectel to test and verify 5G technology for use in 4K and 8K HD live broadcasts,” said Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks. “We value them greatly as a partner and are confident in the advanced capabilities their 5G mmWave module will bring to the TVU Router. This Quectel/TVU combination highlights the incredible potential of 5G.”

At MWC Shanghai 2021, Quectel collaborated with TVU Networks, China Unicom, and Qualcomm to showcase how 5G mmWave technology enhances winter sports coverage by enabling 8K live streaming, AR and VR over mobile networks.

Quectel has also supported TVU to bring several 5G-based solutions to the market, including the TVU One 4K HDR mobile transmitter, which was used to measure the height of Mt. Qomolangma last year.