AARONIA Unveils AARTOS DDS: Cutting-Edge CUAV at Eurosatory 2024

When the doors of Eurosatory in Paris open on June 17 under the motto “Protect your Future,” the use of and protection against drones will be a central theme. What military experts have theorized for years has gained a unique dynamic due to the Russian war on Ukraine: the use of all kinds of drones and, consequently, their countermeasures. With AARTOS DDS, AARONIA (Hall 5b-C276) showcases the most advanced and efficient drone detection and defense system currently available.

The war has rapidly accelerated the development of drones for espionage and as weapons. Increasingly, FPV drones, often deployed in small swarms, are used. These are typically programmed not to use the usual frequencies of such drones, making them invisible to most drone detection systems, and most jammers cannot disrupt their radio connection.

AARONIA AG offers with AARTOS DDS a system with seamless ultra-wideband monitoring in real-time. This allows for the reliable detection of nearly all drones that operate with a radio signal. With four different versions that can be modularly adapted to the specific requirements of the users, AARONIA provides the right solution for any application. From the compact, mobile laptop version X2 for field use to the stationary high-end solution X9 for particularly demanding military applications.

For drone defense, the programmable AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer can be used, among other tools. This jammer features an extremely long range of up to 10 kilometers. Furthermore, it allows complete individual customization and programmability of any frequency ranges within 400MHz to 6GHz simply in real-time via drag & drop.

In addition to drone detection and defense, the AARTOS system can also be used as part of electronic warfare. Thanks to its unique real-time all-frequency monitoring, it can detect everything from BOS radios to radar pulses to radio-controlled systems (air and ground). The programmable AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer can also be used to disrupt these systems.

Specifically for these scenarios, AARONIA offers the SPECTRAN V6 MIL, a real-time spectrum analyzer integrated into a powerful and extremely shock-resistant outdoor laptop. It can capture and display signal transmissions in various ways, allowing their analysis to initiate necessary countermeasures if required.