Anywaves President Capet & GM de Saintignon

Building on its recent commercial successes and the development of new innovative products, Anywaves continues its market expansion. Through EdSpace, Eric de Saintignon is appointed as the General Manager to support the space antenna specialist in its upward trajectory. This appointment will enable Nicolas Capet, the Founder and President, to prepare the future of Anywaves through the Strategy Department, for which he assumes responsibility.

With over 30 years of experience in the space industry, Eric de Saintignon has notably excelled by taking the helm of OneWeb Satellites at its inception in 2015. A true expert in industrial development and structuring, he is now applying his expertise to the benefit of Anywaves to firmly establish the SME as a leading player in the space equipment sector. Furthermore, through EdSpace, a company he recently established to support the French and European space industry in its transformation towards the space industry of the future, Eric de Saintignon is entrusted with the role of General Manager at Anywaves.

«Throughout my career, I have witnessed the evolution of the space industry. Today, with the advent of the new space era, it is undergoing a metamorphosis. Therefore, I have chosen to leverage my experience to support those who wish to be part of this transformation. So, what could be more natural than turning to a young pioneering equipment manufacturer in this endeavor? With its ambitions and upward trajectory, Anywaves is a clear champion, and it is with conviction and enthusiasm that I now take on the role of General Manager of this promising company.» Eric de Saintignon.

«For almost seven years now, Anywaves has been dedicated to meeting the market’s needs by developing innovative space antennas that align perfectly with the industry’s expectations. Milestone after milestone, with the trust of our clients and partners, we have achieved numerous successes. The appointment of Eric is both natural and obvious: his extensive knowledge of the space industry is a significant asset for refining our operational efficiency. I entrust him with the role of General Manager of Anywaves with complete confidence, while I will focus on shaping the future and accelerating our growth through the Strategy Department, for which I assume responsibility today.» Nicolas Capet, PhD, Founder & President.

A graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, and with prior experience at Matra Marconi Space, Astrium, Airbus Defense and Space, Airbus OneWeb Satellite, and more recently Actia and Comat, Eric de Saintignon is now taking on the role of General Manager at Anywaves. He will join forces with the company’s Founder and President, Nicolas Capet, PhD, forming a technical and operational excellence duo with the aim of propelling the company to new heights.

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