Eurotech Technologies announces BestNet PoE Splitter

Eurotech Technologies, a leading provider of CCTV surveillance products and solutions, today introduced a wide range of BestNet PoE Splitters. The Power over Ethernet set contains two pieces – injector and splitter and designed for use with products without the ability to accept power via their ethernet input. The PoE splitter allows to deliver both data and power to non-PoE ethernet-enabled products using the ethernet cable.

The BestNet PoE Splitter significantly simplifies the installation of ethernet linked products and makes it easier to install network devices such as; CCTV cameras, VoIP phones, networking devices such as; wireless access points, routers, IP cameras, and switches. The PoE splitter reduces cost by using existing cable to deliver both power and data where power source is not available.

The BestNet PoE Splitters are compliant with IEEE802.3af standard, and can split data and power from PoE signal. The PoE Splitter can split the PoE signal to RJ-45 port & DC power port, RJ-45 port & USB Type-C power port, RJ-45 port & Micro USB power port.

The easy to install, plug and play BestNet PoE Splitters support 10/100Mbps data transmission and equipped with 12V voltage to adapt to a variety of network, offering excellent circuit isolation protection while its high quality design, guarantees stability and reliability of the equipment in work.

“The BestNet PoE Splitters are innovative and cost effective solution to deliver data by using a network cable, thus making it easier to use peripherals such as; wireless routers and surveillance cameras,” said Mr. Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies. The PoE splitter’s are highly compatible and suits a range of network devices, he added.

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