Captain Christian Haugen, USN (Ret.), joins Forcys

Forcys brings together leading technologies, offering a comprehensive naval & subsea capability to the United States Navy & its supply chain

The undersea battlespace is becoming increasingly contested. In response to this threat, the United States and its allies are developing autonomous and remotely operated platforms that deliver enhanced mission capability, increased capacity, and improved lethality. Forcys has appointed Captain Christian Haugen, USN (Ret.), to lead business development efforts in the United States in support of this evolving mission.

Backed by over fifty years of experience, Forcys offers the global maritime naval sector remote, autonomous, and networked control capabilities delivering integrated situational awareness to customers in the underwater domain.

Covering a range of maritime operations including asset protection, littoral strike, mine warfare, submarine rescue, and submarine and anti-submarine warfare, Forcys seeks to transform the underwater domain by enabling increasingly distributed and automated operations. This is made possible by integrating and bringing to market world-changing solutions from leading technology partners Chelsea Technologies, EIVA, Sonardyne, Voyis, and Wavefront Systems.

Commenting on Christian Haugen’s appointment, Ioseba Tena, Commercial Director of Forcys, said:The United States has led the development and introduction into service of uncrewed underwater and surface vehicles over the last two decades. Their efforts have benefited all of us. They achieved this by working closely with industry and selecting best-of-breed capability. We want to play our part and Chris’ appointment is part of a long-term commitment to develop solutions that will accelerate the introduction of more effective systems.’

Christian Haugen, Business Development Manager for North America, explains:I am really looking forward to engaging with our existing customer base and eager to explore ways in which we may continue to add value. Beyond that, I am keen to explore ways in which we can closely integrate solutions from our technology partners to develop innovative capability to enhance the situational awareness and effectiveness of the Navy’s fleet of unmanned systems.”