ComNav released High Precision version of P8 GNSS Tablet for GIS applications

ComNav Technology launched the high precision version of P8 GNSS tablet to the global market. Compared with the normal version of P8 tablet, the high precision version integrated with high precision helix antenna and K803 GNSS module, providing accurate positioning for GIS applications.

Embedded with the new generation K803 GNSS OEM module, the high precision version P8 features 965 channels for simultaneously tracking all running and planned constellations, providing centimeter level positioning accuracy to satisfy the demands of most GIS applications. No need for external antennas and receivers, which greatly facilitates the workflow of users.

The high-precision version of P8 also implements some features designed specifically for GIS applications. Powered by Android 10 OS, P8 not only work with SinoGNSS Survey Master software, but also compatible with common GIS software, such as ArcGIS Collector, Mapit GIS, etc. Benefit from the 8″ HD display, P8 can provide GIS users with excellent graphic user interface to improve the working experience.

As an upgraded version of P8 tablet, the high precision version also equipped with all advantages of P8. Integrated 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy communication, 9000 mAh long-lasting battery for 15 hours field use, 8-core CPU and large memory, IP67 proof level for harsh environment and abundant sensors for different demands, the P8 high precision version can give users a first-class experience in all aspects.

The high precision version of P8 GNSS tablet is available now. You can purchase the P8 tablet from the local distributors or from ComNav Technology directly.