Dhruva Space and Kinéis Partner for Space-based IoT Connectivity in India

The strategic partnership between Dhruva Space and Kinéis will stimulate the growth of low data rate satellite IoT applications in India.

In a groundbreaking initiative to fortify global satellite connectivity, full-stack Space Engineering solutions provider Dhruva Space and France-based satellite operator global IoT connectivity provider Kinéis have strengthened their collaboration to introduce Kinéis IoT connectivity in India, and to launch a Kinéis IoT payload on Dhruva Space P-30 satellite.

This partnership is focused on Dhruva Space providing Kinéis IoT services in India along with developing new and innovative applications which can be supported by Kinéis’ 25-satellite constellation. This collaboration also comprises a joint satellite mission to augment the Space segment capacity for India. The partnership will allow Kinéis and Dhruva Space to offer cost-effective, advanced and reliable IoT solutions as well as innovate and develop new applications and services tailored to the Indian market, driving technological advancement.

Dhruva Space has established heritage in low data rate satellite communications capabilities with its P-DoT CubeSat platform and hybrid connectivity end-user terminal Bolt through the technology demonstration Thybolt mission in 2022. Later this year, Dhruva Space is slated to launch its first Hosted Payload mission utilising its P-30 nanosatellite platform, a modular and scalable satellite bus offering both hosted and dedicated mission capabilities. The platform is scalable for Earth Observations constellations, secure communications, and strategic use-cases.

The mission of the Kinéis IoT constellation is to connect any object anywhere in the world (including black points) and transmit useful low data to users in near real time. Kinéis operates for optimisation in areas that today represent major challenges for mankind, its activities and its environment: prevention of natural risks (detection of forest fires, floods, drought, pollution, etc), agriculture, traceability of wild and farmed animals, monitoring of infrastructures and energy networks, monitoring of transport and logistics, monitoring of commercial and scientific maritime activities.

The applications are infinite and the benefits considerable: risk reduction, anticipation of breakdowns, optimisation of activities, etc. Dhruva Space will provide these services in India, wherein significant efforts shall be placed towards experimentation and development of new and innovative applications that can be enabled by the Kinéis satellite network.

Sanjay Nekkanti, Chief Executive Officer, Dhruva Space

Dhruva Space and Kinéis’ partnership underscores the growing collaboration between Indian and French private Space companies. The full-scale global commercial service availability of Kinéis IoT will commence following the complete deployment of Kinéis’ constellation in early 2025 and will be supported by development and large-scale manufacturing for end-user terminals by Dhruva Space for India.

Sanjay Nekkanti, Chief Executive Officer, Dhruva Space, states, “Our existing partnership with Kinéis has been built on a foundation of mutual confidence and trust. By enhancing this collaboration, we are poised to deliver innovative IoT services that will drive digital transformation and open new opportunities for businesses and communities throughout the country. Together, Kinéis and Dhruva Space are committed to passing on the benefits of Space-Tech advancements for novel use-case development across India.”

Alexandre Tisserant, Chief Executive Officer, Kinéis

Alexandre Tisserant, Chief Executive Officer, Kinéis, said: “This technological and commercial partnership with Dhruva Space is a concrete expression of the relationship of trust established with Kinéis and reflects the joint drive to provide high-performance spatial IoT services for the Indian market. The applications of Kinéis connectivity are infinite (environment, agriculture, monitoring of energy networks, commercial maritime activities), and our commercial services will bring considerable benefits to Indian public and private players.”

This agreement, signed and officialised along the lines of Kinéis’ recent No Time Toulouse launch of the first 5 of a planned 25-nanosatellite constellation, reflects the ongoing commitment of both companies to push the boundaries of Space technology and to provide cutting-edge solutions.

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