drone detection system

Due to the global political situation, the 24th DSEI, which ends today in London, recorded a new exhibitor and visitor record. Under the slogan “Achieving an Integrated Force,” the DSEI focused on the integration of the five operational domains of air, cyber, electromagnetic activities (CEMA), land, sea and space. The increasing importance of the use of a wide variety of drones and their detection and defense, were important topics. In this context, the interest of the expert audience quickly focused on AARTOS DDS. The system can be modularly adapted to the most diverse requirements and is currently the most powerful on the market.

With AARTOS DDS, AARONIA AG offers particularly flexibly customizable solutions for all requirements and budgets. From the mobile laptop versions X2 and X5 for limited applications to the high-end solutions X7 and X9 for particularly demanding military use. At this year’s DSEI, hundreds of trade visitors per day came to the AARONIA booth to see for themselves. In terms of detection, the main focus was on the mobile X2 and the high-end X9 solution. Regarding drone defense, the programmable AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer was the focus of interest.

In its version specially designed for military requirements, the AARTOS X2 is characterized by its compact form factor and rapid operational readiness. In an emergency, this takes less than 30 seconds. With a standard range of up to five kilometers, the AARTOS X2 is capable of both decoding drone protocols and determining the location of drones in real time. If the AARTOS X2 is used in stationary operation, the range can be extended up to 40 kilometers. In addition, it has the ability to record and replay data. This makes it ideal for protecting mobile units from the threat of drones.

The AARTOS X9 is the most powerful drone detection system in the AARTOS series. It provides gapless ultra-wideband surveillance with 4+ independent receivers and an optimized amplifier group. The AARTOS X9 scans the entire frequency range over 1,000 times per second. With a base range of up to 14 kilometers, it is perfect for monitoring large areas. By scaling multiple AARTOS™ X9 systems, the range can be extended up to 50 kilometers if required. Of particular interest for military use is that the AARTOS X9 can be fully integrated into a vehicle as well as providing a military-standard Shelter solution for mobile use. The Shelter version is equipped for autonomous operation for up to three months.

In both versions, AARTOS offers some decisive unique selling points compared to competing systems. For example, the system not only determines the position and speed of drones, but also their altitude. It ensures high-speed localization of drone activity. To do this, it scans the entire frequency spectrum, including simultaneous scans of different frequencies, enabling it to locate all drones that use radio signals. The positioning of the drone as well as the operator is provided by AARTOS in real time. AARONIA’s proprietary software solution RTSA-Suite PRO plays a central role in this process. The powerful real-time spectrum analysis software enables the integration of a wide variety of hardware components for evaluation, thus guaranteeing simple, efficient and optimal use of the respective system.

“The many conversations we have had with experts from the various branches of the armed forces show us that AARTOS can make a decisive contribution when it comes to integrating different armed forces,” says Thorsten Chmielus, CEO, and founder of AARONIA AG. “The flexibility, power and accuracy of our system, combined with quick-to-learn usability is exactly what military experts at DSEI are looking for when it comes to drone detection and defense.”

It is therefore not surprising that the expert audience in the field of drone defense was explicitly interested in the programmable AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer. This is characterized by an extremely long range of up to 10 kilometers. In addition, it enables the complete, individual adjustment or programmability of any frequency range from 400MHz to 6GHz quite simply in real time by drag & drop. It covers all drones in the frequency range and can jam with them either automatically or specifically by the operator of the jammer.

“With the programmable jammer, we are once again underlining our innovation leadership when it comes to providing efficient, flexible and particularly powerful solutions for our customers,” explains Thorsten Chmielus, on the strongly growing demand for AARTOS systems. “We are proud to be able to offer our customers comprehensive state-of-the-art solutions like no other in the market.”

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