Orolia to Provide Galileo PRS Enabled Solutions for European Defense

First PNT Integration of Galileo PRS Encrypted Signal

Orolia, through its France-based entity Orolia Systèmes & Solutions (O2S), has been selected for the GEODE project to develop European standardized and sovereign Galileo PRS Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) receiver capabilities for military applications.

The GEODE (Galileo for EU Defence) program aims at promoting the competitiveness and innovation of the Defense PNT industry in the European Union. 

The GEODE consortium will support the prototyping, testing and qualifying of military PNT technologies and resources such as PRS security modules, PRS receivers, GPS/Galileo PRS compatible Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas (CRPA), and the development of a European PNT test and qualification facility.

As part of this consortium, Orolia brings its proven track record of  developing Galileo-based applications and integrating custom signals for commercial and defense critical infrastructure in the GEARS program, and will now focus on the military use of the PRS signal by leading the critical timing and synchronization applications in the GEODE program.

This new PRS support and qualification infrastructure will ensure that the necessary security resources are in place for operational testing, and PNT testing profiles will be defined for naval, land and remotely piloted aircraft platforms.

The applications targeted for these new technologies and capabilities include tactical drones, military satellite and space technologies, unmanned ground vehicles, high precision missile systems, next-gen naval platforms, airborne electronic warfare solutions, resilient networks, cyber situational awareness, and the latest active stealth technologies.

This project will receive about €44M funding from the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under grant agreement No EDIDP-PNTSCC-2019-039-GEODE.

“We are proud to support the development of future resilient military technologies that will increase safety and security in the European Union,” said Orolia CEO Jean-Yves Courtois. “As the world leader in resilient PNT, Orolia is uniquely positioned to offer the most advanced technologies for timing, synchronization, and GNSS testing and simulation, including encrypted GPS and Galileo signals.”