GMV among the leading companies to participate in the European Defense Fund

GMV, a leading defense technology and systems company, has been selected to contribute to eight projects in the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2023 call for proposals, consolidating its position as a major player in strengthening the European Union’s strategic and technological independence.

In the latest EDF call, GMV has once again demonstrated its excellence and ability to lead and collaborate in highly complex and strategically significant projects. Of the selected projects, GMV is leading GENIUS, a groundbreaking project combining autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and combat cloud for defense applications. The project focuses on solutions to increase the accuracy of explosive detection, which will significantly improve mine and improvised explosive device (IED) anti-mine technologies.

GMV is also playing a prominent role in projects such as NG-MIMA, which seeks to blaze new trails in military aviation; FIRES 2, which is advancing in the development of high precision, long-range artillery systems; and EMISSARY, which is strengthening space surveillance capabilities.

The complete project list includes:

  • GENIUS (with GMV as the coordinator): Innovation in autonomous systems for detection and neutralization of improvised explosive devices.
  • NG-MIMA: Integrated modular avionics for military platforms.
  • FMBTech: Innovating technologies for the future main battle tank
  • EMISSARY: Increased capacity for space domain situational awareness.
  • FIRES 2: Development of high-precision, long-range artillery ammunition that prevents the possibility of collateral damage, continuing the activities of the FIRES project.
  • ESOCA: Enhancement of European strategic air transport capabilities for large cargo capacity.
  • OPTIMAS: Secure laser communications between aircraft and satellites.
  • SEACURE: Integrated systems for submarine warfare and protection of critical maritime infrastructures

As a result, GMV has joined the group of European companies with the most extensive participation in European Defence Fund programs. It was awarded eight EDF 2023 projects, taking part in a total of 36 projects between EDIDP and EDF, three of them as the leader. These projects represent European Commission budget allocations of nearly €350 million, which can be added to the figure of over €200 million for projects from the two previous EDIDP processes. The awarded projects will focus on the development of capabilities in force protection systems, mission systems, aviation, command and control, space surveillance, navigation, and secure communications.

GMV has become a European leader with regard to the European Commission’s various defense initiatives, particularly its Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) and European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP). In fact, GMV is among the top companies in Europe in terms of participation in this type of European Commission projects.

The company remains focused on its mission of leading the development of advanced technological solutions that not only address today’s defense challenges but also prepare Europe for future strategic needs. The company is committed to strengthening European military capabilities, promoting collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutions, and maintaining a firm commitment to innovation and technological excellence.

The multinational company has grown tremendously in recent years and currently has a workforce of more than 3,000 professionals. Defense is one of the company’s strategic lines and one of the mainstays of this growth. Over the last five years, GMV has seen a 50% increase in staff and now has a workforce of over 3,000 professionals.

The European Defence Fund (EDF) fosters cooperation in the development of defense technologies and capabilities at the European level. It focuses on priorities that have been agreed on between Member States, fosters technological autonomy through a more integrated and capable European defense industrial basis, and promotes the interoperability of Member States’ armed forces. The European Commission will fund 54 additional EDF projects worth €1 billion, bringing total EU budget investments to more than €3 billion in collaborative defense R&D projects from the start of the EDF Regulation in May 2021. The selected proposals reflect the funding priorities of the EDF 2023 program, which addresses 34 different categories, in addition to SME-focused calls.

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