Report – Robotics utilization including Drones on Ships across industries

“Inspection / Inspection Robot Operation Model Study Group” announced interim report-Examination of
Robotics utilization including Drones on Ships across industries

Aerosense Co., Ltd. has participated in the Cross-industry initiative for utilizing robotics in ship inspection and inspection work.” The “Inspection / Inspection Robot Operation Model Study Group” announced the results of the study during 2020 as an interim report. In this interim report, in order to make effective use of robotics, the needs of the maritime industry personnel on the user side and the technological seeds possessed by the robotics-related companies on the development side are organized and the targets for future study are narrowed down.

Inspection and inspection work by robotics represented by drones is being examined in various fields from the viewpoint of ensuring worker safety, saving labor, improving precision, and expecting remote use based on the spread of new coronavirus infection. I’m on the way. In addition to many high places and narrow spaces, it is expected that robotics will be effectively used for inspection and inspection work even for ships that move around the world. Aerosense participates in this study group with the aim of contributing to ship inspection and inspection operations that utilize its own robotics technologies such as drones and AI.

Aerosense anti-aircraft marker used in this outboard flight experiment (Aerobo Marker)

The “Inspection / Inspection Robot Operation Model Study Group” started its activities in August 2020 with members of shipping companies, repair docks, inspection companies, marine equipment manufacturers, robotics-related companies, research institutes, and ship classification associations. Aiming to establish a standard operating model for robotics through discussions among stakeholders, recognizing the issue that it is necessary to build a collaborative area as an industry beyond individual companies in order to effectively utilize robotics on ships. I am. The activities of the study group are scheduled until July 2021, based on (1) information exchange for the purpose of improving literacy related to robotics, (2) examination of the concept for commercial use of robotics in the maritime industry, and (3) discussions at the study group. We are working on proof of concept.

In the interim report released this time, inspections / inspections, entry / exit (entering / exiting the dock of ships), and leaving of those involved in the maritime industry (shipping companies, repair docks, inspection companies, ship classification associations) who use robotics. Approximately 50 needs for robotics technology in each business such as berthing, repair / remodeling work, measurement, etc., and the seeds of technology possessed by 5 robotics-related companies on the developing side are organized and narrowed down for future consideration. It summarizes the contents that led to. This report is posted at the link below.

At the study group, (1) drones (inboard flight, outboard flight), (2) piping inspection robots, magnetic robots, ROVs, etc. (robots other than drones), and (3) information sharing among stakeholders were further specified as future study targets. We will make efforts to contribute to the improvement of safety by utilizing robotics in the inspection and inspection of ships.

Aerosense is advancing the technological innovation of autonomous flying drones indoors and outdoors so that inspections can be performed faster and easier in addition to high quality, high accuracy and safety in order to expand the use of robotics in future ship inspections. Through the study group, we will aim for the optimum drone at the inspection site.