OneWeb Strengthens Ground Segment with QuadSAT

Antenna Validation Campaign Ahead of LEO Constellation Rollout

OneWeb, the low Earth orbit satellite communications company is working with QuadSAT to perform verification of its ground segment antennas ahead of the global rollout of its LEO constellation. In an initial stage, QuadSAT has carried out an antenna validation campaign at the Telespazio teleport in Scanzano, Italy. 
Using its unique drone payload for antenna testing, QuadSAT performed in-situ measurement generating antenna radiation patterns as well as north offset in antenna pointing. QuadSAT’s drone-based system provides users with flexible and accurate antenna testing and calibration. Antennas can be tested anytime and anywhere, and it can perform a broad range of testing missions depending on requirements. QuadSAT pre- and post-flight software ensures repeatability, control over the drone during measurements, ease of operation and data delivery in a uniform format.
During the campaign, QuadSAT measured radiation patterns of several OneWeb antennas, enabling the validation of feed alignment and the direction of pointing. This is the first time OneWeb has utilized the capabilities of drone-based antenna diagnostics. Following successful results from this initial phase, QuadSAT will be performing antenna verification at other OneWeb sites.
Joseph Paciaroni, Director of Gateway Deployment, OneWeb commented: “We are in the process of building the ground segment for our state-of-the-art constellation. Having innovative methods for diagnostics will be an important success factor and we are particularly excited about the potential of drone-based in-situ diagnostics where traditional antenna validation techniques are not available. During this initial phase, we were really impressed with both the quality of the data and the ability to carry out the test within a very short time frame.”
Joakim Espeland, CEO, QuadSAT, added: “We are glad to be able to provide OneWeb with our measurement services for on-site validation and optimization. A fully optimized ground station is essential for OneWeb to assure the best possible service to its customers. It is therefore essential that a validation of the ground segment is carried out on-site. This is one of the services we provide at QuadSAT.”