Microlise launched new Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring solution

Microlise has launched new Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring capabilities which will help fleet operators to reduce Vehicle Off Road (VOR) time and improve return on investment by reducing the cost of quarterly brake testing.

Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring is an exciting addition to Microlise’s successful Trailer Telematics product, which supports fleet operators to improve trailer management, increase utilisation, and provide load security and assurance.

The solution connects directly to a trailer’s electronic braking system (EBS) and relays valuable information on status and performance. A simple scale of red, amber, or green is displayed in the Microlise portal, providing operators with visibility of brake performance across the trailer fleet. An analysis tool uses brake data to generate detailed performance reports, providing information about when trailer brakes need maintenance to allow for optimised maintenance planning.

The product meets Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) industry-standard specification to ensure fleet operators maintain safe trailers. If fleet operators know the EBS status of their trailer fleet, it reduces the need for rolling brake tests down to just an annual MOT, saving time and money, whilst minimising time spent off-road.

In addition to Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring, Microlise’s Trailer Telematics offering also includes capabilities such as temperature monitoring, to identify when temperatures exceed tolerances and prove temperature compliance of loads, along with load facing cameras to enhance load safety and security.

Stephen Watson, Product Director at Microlise, said: “With Trailer Brake Performance Monitoring, fleet operators can monitor their trailers’ braking systems automatically and remotely, improving safety while saving time and money when compared to conducting regular roller brake tests. From a DVSA perspective, the Microlise solution can be used as evidence of an operators’ preventative maintenance.

We are delighted to bring this additional capability to market, adding value to our trailer telematics solution for fleet customers. Our Trailer Telematics solution goes far beyond simply tracking the location of assets. It provides operators with the tools and insights they need to manage and run their trailer fleets effectively and safely.”