SatGen Simulator Software

Satellite navigation systems such as GPS have become a fundamental part of our daily lives with accurate positioning, navigation, and timing across various industries. However, attentive testing and development processes are essential to ensure the accuracy and reliability of these systems. 

One of the leading providers of satellite navigation test solutions, Labsat offers an effective tool called SatGen Simulator Software. To learn more, we will go through the details of this tool’s features in this article.

Realistic GNSS Signals

SatGen Simulator Software can generate realistic Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals in a regulated laboratory environment. In addition, SatGen enables detailed testing across different navigation systems such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou.

Moreover, the testing software accurately duplicates satellite ephemeris, Doppler shifts, atmospheric and clock errors, and signal obstructions. Therefore, providing a realistic signal environment for testing and verification.

Easy-To-Go Interface

SatGen is user-friendly as it simplifies the process of generating customized GNSS scenarios. Thus, users can easily define parameters including satellite constellation, signal strength, satellite visibility, and multipath effects. 

Moreover, the software provides real-time visualization of the simulated satellite signals. Hence, users can analyze and verify the behavior of their navigation systems in different scenarios.

Creating Custom Scenarios

Users can also create custom scenarios to adjust to their specific testing needs with SatGen. In simple words, the software allows control over the signal characteristics regardless of signal degradation, multipath interference, or urban environments. 

Moreover, users can designate dynamics scenarios with moving satellites as well as replicate complex scenarios involving vehicle dynamics, or multi-user environments.

Replay & Record

Reply and record functionality is one of the powerful features of SatGen for post-processing and analysis. With this, users can record live GNSS signals and replay them in the laboratory for an in-depth examination and verification of the navigation system’s performance. 

In challenging environments such as urban canyons or remote areas, where signal reception may be difficult or limited to access, this feature is particularly useful.

Test Equipment Integration

SatGen integrates with various test equipment including GNSS receivers, simulators, and data loggers. This integration helps users to connect the navigation systems directly to the software, accelerating real-time testing. 

The software also supports standard data formats. Thus, ensuring compatibility with existing test setups and simplifying the integration process. 

Advanced Simulation

SatGen offers advanced simulation capabilities that are beyond basic signal generation. With this, users can introduce intentional errors such as tricking, to evaluate the resilience of their navigation systems. 

In addition to that, the software supports differential GNSS simulation, allowing the testing of high-precision applications that rely on differential corrections.


Labsat’s SatGen Simulator Software is a game-changer in the field of satellite navigation testing and development. With exceptional features such as generating realistic GNSS signals, integrating seamlessly with test equipment, and scenario flexibility, SatGen enhances the process. Moreover, SatGen provides a reliable solution with its capabilities to analyze system behavior and evaluate resilience against intentional errors.

Professionals can easily ensure the reliability, accuracy, and robustness of their navigation systems with the capabilities SatGen holds. Hence, enhancing the innovation in various industries that depend on satellite navigation technology.