Revolutionizing Navigation and Orientation: Unleashing VectorNav’s VN-100 Potential

VN-100 |Today’s rapidly advancing technology has made accurate navigation and orientation solutions irreplaceable across various industries. A pioneering company at the forefront of inertial sensing technology, VectorNav has developed a product that combines state-of-the-art sensors with advanced algorithms. The product is called, “VN-100.”

Showing off a whole new level of accuracy and reliability, the VN-100 offers exceptional performance. Thus, it works as the go-to solution for demanding navigation and orientation applications. In this article, we will dive into the key features and benefits of the VN-100, along with its applications across industries.

Accuracy at the Core

The VN-100 owns a fusion of high-performance accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. Hence, it provides accurate measurements of linear acceleration, angular rate and magnetic field vectors. All these sensors work together to ensure reliable and precise data under challenging operational conditions. 

Strong Sensor Fusion Algorithms

The VN-100 comprises advanced sensor fusion algorithms to extract maximum value from the sensor data. These fused algorithms combine inputs from multiple sensors to compensate for individual limitations and enhance overall accuracy. 

Consequently, a strong and comprehensive navigation and orientation solution turns out to be the output for even the most demanding applications.

Compact Design With Easy Integration

VectorNav has always understood the importance of seamless integration in various systems and platforms. Therefore, the VN-100 is designed with a compact form factor that allows it to be easily embedded in a range of devices. Moreover, its lightweight and versatile design makes it an ideal choice for applications where space and weight restrictions are critical considerations.


  • Operating and In-storage temperature range: -40° to +85°
  • It’s Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)  is > 240,000 hours (27+ Years)
  • Physical size
    • Surface mounted Device (SMD): 24 x 22 x 3 mm
    • Rugged: 36 x 33 x 9.5 mm
  • Weight
    • Surface mounted: 3.5 g
    • Rugged: 16 g
  • Interface Connector
    • Surface mounted: 30-pin LGA
    • Rugged: 10-pin Harwin
  • Electrial specifications:
    • Input voltage: 3.2 to 5.5V (for SMD) & 4.5 TO 5.5 V (Rugged)
    • Current Drawn: 45mA @ 3.3 V (for SMD) & 40mA @ 5V (Rugged)
    • Power: 185 mW (for SMD) & 200 nW (Rugged)
    • Digital Interface: Serial TTL, SPI (for SMD) & Serial TTL, RS-232 (Rugged)
    • Baud rate: Upto 921600 (for SMD and Rugged)
    • Input: Sync-in
    • Output: Sync-out
  • Pressure sensor:
    • Range of operation: 10 to 1200 mbar
    • Non-Linearity: ±1.5 mbar
    • Bandwidth: 200 Hz
  • Magnetometer specification:
    • Range: ±2.5 Gauss
    • Noise Density: 140 μGauss/√Hz
    • Bandwidth of operation: 200 Hz
    • Cross-Axis Sensitivity: ±0.05
  • Gyroscope:
    • Range: ±2,000 °/s
    • Bandwidth: 256 Hz
    • Noise Density: 0.0035 °/s /√Hz
    • Non-linearity: < 0.1 % FS
    • Cross Axis sensitivity: < 0.05 °
  • Accelerometer:
    • Range:±16 g
    • In-Run Bias Stability: < 0.04 mg
    • Noise Density: 0.14 mg/√Hz
    • Bandwidth: 260 Hz
    • Cross-Axis Sensitivity: ±0.05 °
  • Attitude & Heave:
    • Range (Pitch): ± 90°
    • Heading (Magnetic): 2.0° RMS
    • Pitch/Roll (Static): 0.5° RMS
    • Pitch/Roll (Dynamic): 1.0° RMS
    • Heave Accuracy: 5% or 5 cm
    • Delayed Heave Accuracy: 2% or 2 cm
    • Angular Resolution: 0.001°

Enhanced Performance In All Environments

The VN-100 works smoothly even in challenging environments with obstacles to conventional navigation systems. It offers smooth performance in environments where GPS signals are limited or unavailable, such as indoors or deep underground. Such a capability makes the VN-100 a valuable asset for industries such as underground mining, indoor navigation, and underground infrastructure inspection.

Developer-Friendly Environment

VectorNav supports developers with an extensive software development kit (SDK) along with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, enabling quick and efficient integration into custom applications. 

Additionally, the SDK offers access to a wide range of tools, libraries, and code examples, to help developers utilize the full potential of the VN-100 in their specific use cases.

Applications across Various Industries

The diversity of the VN-100 makes it an immensely valuable tool across industries. For instance, it ensures precise navigation and stabilization for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), satellites, and spacecraft in the aerospace sector. 

Similarly, in the marine industry, the VN-100 enhances positioning accuracy and heading stability for autonomous surface vessels (ASVs) and underwater vehicles (AUVs). 

Lastly, the VN-100 allows accurate motion tracking and control for robotic arms, autonomous mobile robots, and much more, in the robotics industry.


The VectorNav VN-100 stands as the ultimate solution in the world of navigation and orientation. With cutting-edge sensors, strong fusion algorithms, and versatile design, the VN-100 offers great accuracy in all environments. 

Moreover, it has applications in various industries including aerospace, marine, robotics, and more. With the VN-100, businesses and Developers can have a new level of accuracy, reliability and performance in their navigation and orientation attempts.