SPH Engineering announces support for DJI M300

SPH Engineering announces the release of UgCS update, adding the support for DJI M300. UgCS supports all flight planning patterns of DJI M300 such as Photogrammetry, Corridor mapping and Facade inspections.

UgCS allows to manage the following route parameters: speed, altitude, heading, camera attitude, camera triggering modes (by time, and by distance), turn types (Stop&Turn or Adaptive Bank turn). It also supports video recording in Full Motion Video format.

In addition, UgCS support for DJI M300 cameras covers displaying videos from both FPV and main camera (H20/H20T) on the UgCS for DJI screen; switching between main camera lenses: wide, zoom, thermal (for H20T); changing general settings of the active lens; manual camera triggering in all modes (wide/zoom/thermal) and video recording.

‘We have tested DJI M300 in various scenarios and can confirm that it can be used in extreme weather scenarios, including low temperatures while battery capacities are significantly improved. The drone is smart and safe, equipped with various cameras and sensors. But the most awaited improvement is Waypoints 2.0 which allows to create up to 65,535 waypoints and set multiple actions for one or more payloads. This improvement is crucial for UgCS as it allows, in particular, to fly long routes in terrain following mode with UgCS’, Alexei Yankelevich, head of software development at SPH Engineering, comments.