Thursday, October 21, 2021
Tags 5G & AI-Enabled Drone

Tag: 5G & AI-Enabled Drone

Qualcomm unveil World’s First 5G and AI-Enabled Drone Platform

Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform Accelerates & Scales Development for Drone Manufacturers to Deliver Powerful, Purpose-Built Enterprise & Industrial 5G Drones
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Skyward integrates updated LAANC for Night Airspace Access & Refined Grids

Next generation of FAA’s LAANC is now live within Skyward platform, introducing authorizations for Drone Flights at night & refined airspace grids

Bluetooth low energy SiP for Industrial & Indoor Positioning applications

ANNA-B4 features Bluetooth long range, Thread & Zigbee, as well as Bluetooth direction finding, with operating temperatures up to 105 °C

Microchip enhanced its Grandmaster Timing & Synchronization System

Microchip enhanced Grandmaster Timing & Synchronization System improve deployment flexibility, security & scalability Infrastructure communication networks – 5G mobile, utilities, cable, transportation,...

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence India Partners with Karnataka Government to Upskill Agricultural Practices for Smart Agriculture

The Government of Karnataka (GoK), through its Department of Agriculture (KSDA), has embarked on a major initiative to implement multiple smart precision...