SiTime Launches Learning Hub to Educate the World on Timing

Online, Always Available Platform Offers Comprehensive Content

SiTime Corporation unveiled their Timing Essentials Learning Hub to power customer engagement and deliver comprehensive content on electronics timing. The Learning Hub enables engineers to expand their timing knowledge and use it to produce better electronics.

“Electronic systems must now deliver on a common set of goals – more features, higher performance, miniaturization, and always-on connectivity,” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime. “These trends are creating new timing challenges for the electronics professional. Not only do they need better timing solutions, which we can provide, but they also need access to theory, practical tips, techniques, and tools that will help them design better systems proactively. We built the Learning Hub to address this need and help electronics engineers become timing experts. The Learning Hub is the go-to source for timing knowledge and also helps us build long-term relationships with customers.”

The SiTime Timing Essentials Learning Hub offers educational courses that range from fundamental to advanced timing. Taught by industry experts, this skills-building platform offers both on-demand and live classes to meet the needs of all audiences, including advanced certifications to provide a continuous learning platform. The Learning Hub is a self-paced learning environment where SiTime will add new classes regularly. Specific SiTime MEMS timing education will also be available. In addition, customers can request a customized curriculum to provide ongoing learning for their development programs.

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