WORK Microwave delivers Deep Space Converters for ESA Missions

The Ka-Band Up- & Downconverters provide High Stability & Reliability for Deep Space Distances

WORK Microwave has delivered the first set of Ka-band up- and downconverters to the European Space Agency’s (ESA) European Space Operations Center for deep space antennas. The deep space converters are optimized for telemetry, tracking, and command operations of different categories of ESA missions, with signals crossing more than 1.4 billion km of space.

“At deep space distances, there is only a very small amount of bandwidth and signal strength available. Space organizations need to be able to establish a stable and reliable connection to remote space probes,” said Matthias Stangl, Director of RF Products at WORK Microwave. “We’re thrilled to launch our new deep space converters and assist the European Space Agency with deploying them for critical missions, providing the same high level of reliability that WORK Microwave is known for.”

With a minimum impact of frequency stability (Allan Deviation) and phase noise on receive and transmit signals, as well as fully compensated on phase tracking and phase stability, WORK Microwave’s converters enable ESA to maintain stable communication links to interplanetary missions.

The Ka-band up- and downconverters complete WORK Microwave’s portfolio of already existing S-band and X-band designs for deep space applications.

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