X-Band Transmitter for micro/mini-satellites – XONOS

Syrlinks releases the XONOS, a new X-Band transmitter for micro and mini satellites. XONOS comes as a new generation of Syrlinks’ data transmitters to implement High-Data-Rate downlink from satellite to the ground segment.

We are very proud to release this new High-Data-Rate transmitter that brings unmatched capabilities in term of downlink throughput. With XONOS, we maintain our strategic focus on following the evolution of the Satellite Earth Observation market, which requires ever larger volumes of data to be captured, processed, and transmitted.says Eric PINSON, Director of Space activity at Syrlinks.

XONOS: unmatched performances

The XONOS has been especially designed to achieve top-class of performances in term of transmitting capabilities. The modulation scheme is fully compliant to DVB-S2 standard which allows high level of spectrum usage efficiency. Its built-in DC-DC converter is perfectly well-suited for integration within Mini or Micro satellite platforms. Furthermore, fully redundant control and data interfaces will contribute to increase the in-flight service availability level which is key for the satellite service operators.

With XONOS, we inherit from various experiences in designing X-Band transmitters for Space such as for Proba-V mission (ESA), Myriades/Myriades-evolutions (CNES), Pléïades-Neo (Airbus Defence and Space) and StriX (Synspective). One of the key challenges is to achieve High-Data-Rate performances while maintaining sufficient radio-frequency signal quality at 10 W. This supposes a global optimization of the design at both digital and analogue sides”, adds Eric.

The XONOS design belongs “New Space II” Syrlinks product category. This Product Assurance subclass perfectly meets the requirements of Microsatellite missions, targeting a typical 7-year lifetime at Low Earth Orbit with a Total Ionized radiation Dose of 16 krad. XONOS will be highlighted at Syrlinks booth #516 during 37th Space Symposium at Colorado Springs.