Eurotech Unveils BestNet Fiber Optic Rack Mount Enclosures

Eurotech Technologies, a leading provider of fiber optic solutions, announced the launch of a wide range of fiber optic rack mount enclosures. The BestNet 19-inch top opening optical fiber interconnection units are fiber patch panels & cabinet ideal for routing, terminating and managing optical cable terminations and suitable for interconnecting, cross connecting, or splicing applications in a LAN environment. The modular optical fiber interconnecting units are suitable for optical cable installation, bare fiber splicing & protection, pigtails storage & management.

The BestNet 1U series panel helps save time & costs and manage cable resources efficiently. By using these shelves to terminate and splice fiber, IT teams can rearrange cabling quickly & efficiently and keep track of their fiber resources. Efficient fiber management also helps save on maintenance and replacement costs.

BestNet rack mount top opening LIU is suitable for 19″ rack frame where the Fiber backbone cable has to be terminated. The top-open tray holds 24 port configurations with different adapters that include; SC, LC, FC and so on. The optical fiber interconnecting units feature 1.2mm steel sheet for strong housing, hinged front panel for mounting on to the enclosure and front-mounted cable saddles for easy cable dressing.

The pre-assembled enclosure in varied configurations comes with multiple internal mounting holes for cable tie-down, fiber management or splice tray mounting, can manage both splices and terminations, include different combinations of adapter panels and capable of storing up to 3 meters of 900µm tight buffered fiber per adapter.

“BestNet light interface units are light weight and easy to install enclosures that provide total solution for routing and organizing fiber optic cable terminations”, said Mr. Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies.

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