Fukudome Kaihatsu adopted Aerosense “AEROBO marker & cloud”

Achieved about 74% workload reduction using drone photogrammetry

The third i-Construction award winner, Fukudome Kaihatsu, Ltd. adopted the “AEROBO marker” GNSS※ receiver and high speed
automatic survey processing cloud service “AEROBO cloud”, both developed by Aerosense, Inc.

Fukudome is one of the foremost companies in the ICT construction industry. They started using drones for aerial survey on construction sites in 2015 and went on to introduce machine guided excavators in 2016. Fukudome has been contracted to deliver twelve large-scale ICT civil engineering projects.

By adopting “AEROBO marker & AEROBO cloud”, Fukudome has reduced the workload associated with aerial photogrammetry by about 74%.

Comparison of the workload between traditional methods and AEROBO marker & cloud

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