Webinar on Next-Generation Micro Atomic Clocks for Defense Applications

Discover how micro atomic clocks can become critical assets on the battlefield from experts with the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Jackson Labs Technologies, and Orolia Defense & Security

 Whether it’s for wireless communication, radar systems synchronization or ensuring reliable and accurate underwater sensing, the increasing need for ultra-precise timekeeping has become a necessity on the battlefield. Many defense applications rely on accurate and stable frequency sources to ensure timing resilience – even in environments with weak and unsteady GNSS access. 

Although atomic clock designs have advanced over the years, the defense industry has the most stringent requirements for low phase noise, size, weight, low power consumption, etc.

The latest requirements led to a new generation of micro atomic clocks optimized frequency sources specifically designed to maintain ten times higher accuracy levels than the first-generation Chip Scale Atomic Clocks (CSAC) and lower power consumption than a standard Oven-Controlled Quartz Oscillator (OCXO). 

The panelists will discuss the key factors for determining how and when a micro atomic clock is the best choice for a wide range of military applications and will demonstrate its successful implementation and direct impact on the battlefield.

What:   Orolia Presents: Next-Gen Micro Atomic Clocks for Defense Applications

When:   June 23, 2021 at 10.00 a.m. EST

Where:  Online – Register here 

For more information visit www.orolia.com