u-blox & GMV to develop market ready end-to-end Safe Positioning Solutions for ADAS

u-blox and GMV have partnered to provide ready-to-use functional Safe Positioning Solutions for ADAS.

Functional safety is becoming increasingly indispensable for automated or autonomous driving vehicles within the automotive and industrial sectors.

Currently, customers must spend significant effort to develop and integrate hardware and software from several vendors for a functional safe positioning solution. GMV’s leading safety algorithms and augmentation service combined with u-blox leading positioning hardware and software will be integrated in a ready-to-use solution. The offering is designed to save efforts and accelerate time-to-market while enjoying the advantage of a cost-effective, proven functional safe positioning solution.

Positioning Solutions for ADAS

The unique, ready-to-use functional safe Positioning Solutions for ADAS will be marketed by u-blox complementing its existing GNSS receiver portfolio and advanced GNSS augmentation service PointPerfect.

Further details will be announced in early 2023.