Aerobo TS Tracking, Rotary Wing Drone compatible with the Aerial Photo Surveying system

Aerosense and Topcon collaborate with each other and launched new model “Aerobo TS Tracking” compatible with Aerial Photo Surveying system that realizes high accuracy and significant labor saving and also compatible with “I-Construction” to improve the productivity of the entire construction production system.

“Aerobo” is a dedicated rotary wing drone compatible with the aerial photo surveying system “TS Tracking UAS” that eliminates the need for a control point by automatically tracking the drone at the total station. TS Tracking (Aerobo TS Tracking, AS-MC03-TS) “will be on sale.

High-precision and efficient work is required at construction and civil engineering sites. Against the background of the aging of the working population in recent years, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will also improve the productivity of the entire construction production system by introducing measures such as “Full utilization of ICT (ICT earthwork)” at construction sites. i-Construction ”is being promoted.

This time, the measurement data and its quality by “Aerobo TS Tracking“, a drone developed and designed by Aerosense, meet the requirements of this i-Construction. In addition, by supporting the “TS Tracking UAS” developed by Topcon, this machine can eliminate the need for setting and measuring control points, which is necessary for conventional drone surveying, and i-Construction production. We also meet the needs for improving productivity. The combination of this unit and “TS Tracking UAS” realizes high-definition, high-precision, highly reliable photogrammetry, and safe and highly efficient surveying work.


This machine is a rotary wing drone optimized for surveying as a domestic drone developed and designed by Aerosense in-house and manufactured at a domestic factory. The main body of the aircraft is designed to be waterproof and dustproof at the IP43 level, assuming operation in various environments. Utilizing the know-how of the Sony Group, the aircraft design meets the standards in various reliability tests. It has become. In addition, it is equipped with Sony’s mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, high-performance lens, and gimbal mechanism to realize high-definition and high-precision photogrammetry. Furthermore, by providing an integrated support system from sales to training and after-sales service in-house, we support the efficient and safe use of drones at surveying and construction sites.

Aerobo TS Tracking (AS-MC03-TS) with a dedicated prism attached

TS Tracking UAS consists of a UAV 5 unit “Aerobo TS Tracking (AS-MC03-TS)”, a total station unit, and 3D point cloud processing software.


“TS Tracking UAS” is a system that directly measures and confirms the camera position by attaching a dedicated prism to the camera mounted on the drone and continuously measuring with an automatic tracking type total station. This system eliminates the need to set up and measure control points, which was essential until now, and can improve work efficiency by up to 6 times compared to conventional drone surveying. This system has been patented by Topcon.

This “TS Tracking UAS” is a photogrammetry system that can directly measure the camera position in accordance with the “Volume Management Guidelines (Draft) Using 3D Measurement Technology” of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It is also registered in NETIS (New Technology Information System) promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and is highly accurate not only for i-Construction applications but also for various surveys / construction sites. , Proposes highly efficient photo surveying.


Sales start time: October 2021

Domestic standard price (including consumption tax):


TS Tracking UAS Dedicated Drone Aerosense “Aerobo TS Tracking (AS-MC03-TS)”
Open Price

[Automatic tracking type total station]

TOPCON GT series / SOKKIA iX series (TS tracking option model)
3,816,000 yen-4,740,000 yen

Automatic tracking type total station TOPCON GT / SOKKIA iX onboard program LPS UAV
80 8,500 yen

[3D point cloud processing software]

MAGNET Collage UAS kit (TS tracking UAS compatible version)
680,000 yen