Hexagon | VERIPOS expands SPAN GNSS+INS technology portfolio for dynamic positioning

Ensure safe operations through reliable, robust and continuous positioning  with GNSS+INS integration

Hexagon | VERIPOS expands its proven inertial solution SPAN GNSS+INS technology from NovAtel, also part of Hexagon, to dynamic positioning (DP) applications and vessels. SPAN technology delivers a deeply coupled GNSS and inertial navigation system (INS) that provides robust, reliable and continuous centimetre-level positioning for operators to maintain safety and maximise uptime. With a GNSS+INS solution, DP vessels can bridge outages in GNSS tracking and through short periods of radio frequency interference, jamming or spoofing.

VERIPOS is a leader in offshore high precision positioning, delivering reliable and trustworthy GNSS solutions like the LD900 receiverPPP correction services and positioning visualisation software. They demonstrate this expertise through SPAN technology’s deep coupling of GNSS and inertial measurements. Deep coupling describes how inertial measurements enhance the signal tracking for GNSS solutions, leading to improved resiliency against GNSS outages and enabling rapid reacquisition in case of interruptions. SPAN technology builds system robustness against potential signal outages, interference or disruptions while optimising operational efficiency.

The robust positioning, heading, velocity and attitude measurements generated from a deeply coupled GNSS and inertial solution like SPAN technology is a game-changer to dynamic positioning operations,” said Dr. David Russell, marine segment portfolio manager at Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “SPAN technology has a proven track record of bridging outages, enabling rapid reacquisition of signals and building a reliable and robust positioning system. It’s the best option for vessels to ensure an added layer of resiliency and achieve continuous centimetre-level accuracy across all conditions.

SPAN GNSS+INS technology is compatible with commercial inertial measurement units (IMUs) and scalable with your LD900 GNSS receiverQuantum visualisation software and APEX correction services.

Visit veripos.com/SPAN to explore how SPAN GNSS+INS technology provides robust and reliable positioning for safe, continuous and efficient operations.