Taoglas expands market leadership & portfolio for its Advanced Component business

Transportation, Agriculture, Smart Cities, Security & Public Safety verticals Driving Accelerated Growth for Taoglas

Taoglas announced customer growth of more than 20% over the past year as transportation, agriculture, smart cities and other sectors responded to the pandemic by accelerating their digital transformation initiatives. The Company also reported over 40% revenue growth during the same period, highlighting its leadership in providing RF and antenna solutions, and design-test services that enable digital transformation.

Nearly 200 5G networks were in commercial service worldwide at the end of 2021, making it increasingly attractive for digital transformation projects that benefit from more bandwidth, lower latency and future proofing. Taoglas is meeting this demand with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of 5G antennas and by designing the industry’s first and only 17-in-1 antennas for 5G routers from major technology vendors such as Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless.

Taoglas also has the largest Wi-Fi 6 antenna portfolios on the market, with 34 models available. This broad, deep selection is ideal for the 83% of service providers, OEMs and enterprises worldwide that have deployed Wi-Fi 6/6E or plan to do so in 2022.

Other key 2021-2022 initiatives and milestones include:

  • Taoglas is adding a new portfolio of ultra-compact audio antenna modules. These modules will enable more optimal antenna and audio integration from a space and size perspective and means that customers will have one partner providing both design and test solutions for both technologies at the same time. This also allow the RF designers to compensate for the effect of the audio on the antenna performance.  Taoglas’ audio antenna modules are ideal for a wide variety of mobile audio applications such as smart homes, security systems, agriculture and other IoT applications where the use of speakers is becoming more commonplace.
  • An expanded connector portfolio with additional SMA, MMCX and MCX models. These give OEMs and systems designers new options for selecting the right high-quality connector for their device from their antenna and speaker vendor.
  • Taoglas has leveraged its extensive portfolio of LoRA antennas for use with Helium networks. The high gain Taoglas Barracuda style antennas can boost mining applications and helium hotspots compatible with any helium hotspots.
  • A stronger, more comprehensive channel strategy, with eight additional regional distributors in APAC and EMEA added during 2021.
  • A new organizational structure, with business units focused on evolving and emerging customer requirements and demand. The new Advanced Component business unit is now in place being headed up by industry veteran Olivier Robin as the new GM.
  • New product launches of multiband combination antennas, embedded antennas and an expansion of the multiband GNSS portfolio based on the patent pending GPDF60 series.

“Many enterprises, cities and other organizations used 2021 to accelerate their digital transformations, a process that will extend into 2022 and beyond,” said Dermot O’Shea, Co-CEO of Taoglas. “Taoglas recognized this trend early on and quickly expanded our portfolio of 5G, Wi-Fi and other solutions to enable those transformations, along with eight additional regional distributors across APAC and EMEA to ensure that customers have fast, local access to our products.”

“The results speak for themselves,” added Olivier Robin, GM and SVP of Taoglas Advanced Component Business Unit. “In 2021, we had over 20% YoY customer growth, over 40% revenue growth and a stable, continuous supply chain serving our customers. With our production lead times being back to normal and continually expanding our portfolio of advanced components, design and testing services, Taoglas is ensuring that our customers have everything they need for a successful 2022.”