SPH Engineering & Hexadrone partner to integrate TUNDRA Drone with a Ground-Penetrating Radar Sensor

SPH Engineering and France-based Hexadrone partner to integrate TUNDRA drone with a ground-penetrating radar. The trial flight was conducted in Balogi, Latvia and confirmed the compatibility of the drone with a GPR sensor to perform near surface surveys.

The integration was performed to unlock a new type of drone for industrial, hydrographic, urban  and environmental data collection with the use of a GPR, magnetometers, methane detectors, echo sounders. The solution consists of UgCS software for mission-planning, UgCS SkyHub hardware (on-board computer) for data accumulation, Radar Systems Zond Aero GPR and Hexadrone TUNDRA drone.

Main advantages of the Tundra drone include a modular and multipurpose body that can be integrated with almost any payloads, accessories and modules available on the market or in development. Available in different configurations, it can fly up to 1 hour without payload, 50 minutes with a 1,5kg payload and 30 minutes with the max payload – 4kg.

Within this year we have got a few requests from drone producers who aim at enabling real industrial work in the most challenging terrain. We are open to extending UgCS Integrated Systems portfolio with new partners and satisfied with the TUNDRA integration results. We expect the technology will allow Hexadrone to advance their capabilities with the help of GPR solution,’ Alexei Dobrovolskiy, CTO at SPH Engineering, comments.

The Tundra drone has been designed as a development hub, a toolholder, in order to meet every need. It embodies the word collaborative as it is meant to be the starting point of each and every conceivable development. It is through partnerships that technologies and applications can evolve, that is why we are so proud to be able to work with foreign companies such as SPH Engineering. We are very happy with the integration of their GPR that opens new opportunities for drone users. We’d like to thanks Cédric Botella and the whole Instadrone network – french official distributor of UgCS – as they introduced us to SPH Engineering.” Alexandre Labesse, CEO of Hexadrone, adds.

To learn more watch the video https://youtu.be/LI4RAZkkoR4