Voyis Announces New OASIS Project with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

Voyis, a leading provider of ocean imaging solutions, is thrilled to announce its latest venture, the OASIS Project. Funded by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster’s UK Collaborative Ocean Innovation Solutions program, in partnership with Innovate UK, this initiative aims to revolutionize marine environmental surveys through the collaboration of Canadian and UK ocean technology experts.

The OASIS Project, short for Over-horizon Awareness of Seafloor Imaging Surveys, addresses the pressing need for efficient and cost-effective monitoring solutions in the face of escalating demands for sustainable ocean resource management. With both Canadian and UK governments committed to defining Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and bolstering environmental regulations, the need for advanced monitoring technologies has never been more urgent.

The project brings together a consortium of esteemed partners, including Voyis, the University of Southampton, AutoNaut, and the National Oceanography Center (NOC). In partnership with the University of Southampton Voyis will enhance its imaging products with onboard machine learning and remote survey awareness capabilities. This cutting-edge technology will be integrated into the NOC’s Autosub autonomous underwater vehicle, enabling remote over-the-horizon seafloor image surveys through the AutoNaut wave-powered USV.

“Our collaboration with esteemed partners from the UK marks a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance the cost-effectiveness of ocean monitoring with innovative optical technologies,” said Chris Gilson, CEO of Voyis. “The OASIS Project embodies our commitment to developing solutions that not only meet the evolving needs of the commercial sector but also contribute to the sustainability of our oceans.” The OASIS Project aims to address the limitations of existing ocean monitoring methods, which often rely on costly crewed surface vessels and tethered remotely operated vehicles. By harnessing the power of long duration autonomous underwater vehicles and advanced imaging sensors with data automation technologies, the project seeks to reduce costs, minimize environmental impact, and enhance the scalability of marine environmental surveys.

In addition to its implications for marine conservation, the OASIS Project holds significant commercial potential. Voyis plans to offer a range of services and software products, including autonomous environmental survey and data analysis services, as well as new software products for data interpretation and remote awareness. These offerings will not only benefit marine researchers and environmental agencies but also industries such as offshore wind, oil and gas, and marine construction, which are beginning to embrace remote survey operations.

The OASIS Project represents a collaborative effort to address the critical challenges facing our oceans today. By bringing together expertise from Canada and the UK, Voyis and its partners are poised to make meaningful strides towards a more sustainable future for our marine ecosystems.

For more information about the OASIS Project and Voyis’ innovative solutions, visit www.voyis.com