Eos Positioning Systems Announces New Line of GNSS Receivers: The Skadi Series

Skadi Series GNSS receivers put the power of RTK In Your Hand through several new unique, patented features that maximize field productivity, safety, and flexibility during high-accuracy data collection

Eos Positioning Systems, Inc., (Eos), the award-winning Canadian designer and manufacturer of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) receivers, announced the release of a brand-new product line: the Skadi Series. The Skadi Series are a suite of high-accuracy GNSS receivers that dramatically enhance field crews’ productivity, safety, and flexibility through cutting-edge, patented features.

First, Skadi Tilt Compensation allows a user to capture data without needing to level their survey range pole. With Skadi Tilt Compensation activated on an RTK-enabled Skadi Series receiver, the user can rely on their receiver to rectify errors introduced from tilted range pole angles during data collection.

Next, the Skadi Smart Handle introduces two additional features, powered by very accurate LiDAR and MEMS sensor measurements. With the Skadi Smart Handle, the user can activate an Invisible Range Pole to provide continuous elevation-to-the-ground measurements below the hand-held Skadi receiver. The receiver always computes accurate elevation to the ground, regardless of the receiver’s attitude (angle toward the ground). The Invisible Range Pole eliminates the need to carry a physical range pole and the requirement to enter an antenna height in a field data collection app while performing RTK-level accurate field work.

The Skadi Smart Handle also includes an Extensible Virtual Range Pole. When activated, this feature extends the reach of the user’s Invisible Range Pole beyond the position they physically occupy. The Extensible Virtual Range Pole enables the user to measure the location of assets located on the ground or in trenches up to seven meters (~23 feet) away while retaining high accuracy.

“We are excited to introduce these features to the GIS market and help our customers achieve even further safety, productivity, and GNSS performance in the field,” Eos Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jean-Yves Lauture said. “Our goal is always to make the user’s job easier and more efficient while providing them the same high-performance GNSS accuracy in the field.”

The Skadi Series adds four new GNSS receivers with integrated antenna to the Eos offerings: the Skadi 100, Skadi 200, Skadi 300, and Skadi Gold with accuracies ranging from submeter to centimeter. The Skadi 200, Skadi 300 and the Skadi Gold are RTK enabled and are available for purchase with Skadi Tilt Compensation and the Skadi Smart Handle.

To inquire about purchasing a Skadi Series GNSS receiver, contact Eos online here.