Taoglas Discone One – A Wideband Omnidirectional Antenna for Mission Critical Communications

Taoglas launched its new wideband, omnidirectional antenna – the Taoglas Discone One – expertly engineered for 5G/4G routers and devices. This new antenna is designed to cover all worldwide 5G and 4G bands, including all sub-6GHz deployments across the 400MHz to 6000MHz spectrum.

The Discone boasts excellent efficiencies of over 50% across the entire spectrum, and a high peak gain of up to 6.6dBi, to deliver best-in-class throughput on all major cellular bands worldwide. It is innovatively designed to deliver reliability on new, dedicated mission critical communications bands between 400-500 MHz. Additionally, it covers extended 4G, band 71 and all 5G NR Sub 6GHz bands while also covering 3G/2G bands to allow for fallback when 5G/4G isn’t available – keeping applications and devices connected when it’s most needed.

Taoglas is proud to add the latest and greatest – the Discone One antenna – to our world-class portfolio. This antenna is ideal for mission critical communications applications including private LTE networks, utility and pipeline monitoring,” said Dave Ghilarducci, Global Vice President of Engineering, Taoglas. “It’s also the best antenna for next generation 5G video applications, combining a number of innovative design considerations to solve the common connectivity challenges seen with 5G applications that demand high-speed data uplink and downlink.”

It can be challenging to maintain high antenna efficiency over an extremely wide band from 400MHz to 6GHz and exhibit an omnidirectional radiation pattern. The DCN.01 features a smart discone antenna design to achieve a uniform omnidirectional radiation pattern especially at azimuth (horizontal) plane meeting the requirement for mission critical and smart grid applications. This design methodology in parallel with the light weight, efficient and robust materials used helped to achieve optimum antenna efficiency and gain across a wide range of frequencies covering different applications. By investing in the Discone antenna now, it means your future proofing your devices and applications with 5G and 4G connectivity, resulting in bigger savings down the line.” Said Dave.

The Discone cable type and length, and connector types are fully customizable and it comes packaged with a pole and wall mounting kit as standard for rugged, vandal resistant installations.

With over 16 years’ experience innovating in RF and antenna design, Taoglas has the expertise to deliver standard and custom engineered antennas from its world class engineering labs and facilities around the world. For further information on Taoglas’ RF and antenna solutions visit https://www.taoglas.com/rf-and-antenna-solutions/