Iris Automation & DroneUp to Provide Airspace Awareness for BVLOS Deliveries

Casia G Technology Enables Dramatic Growth in Safe Flight Operations as DroneUp’s Delivery Service Grows across New U.S. Markets

DroneUp announced a partnership with Iris Automation, developer of AI-based vision technology for crewed and uncrewed aircraft to prevent airborne collisions. At the center of the deal is Iris Automation’s Casia G technology for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operation, which DroneUp will employ among additional sensors to ensure safe deliveries while it expands its footprint for drone delivery in the U.S.

DroneUp will rely on Casia G’s AI and computer vision technology to detect aircraft as they approach its flight operations. To protect DroneUp airspace and ensure safe flight operations, Casia G features an optical, full 360° field of regard aircraft detection, classification, and alerting system. To help it scale to new communities and users, DroneUp will utilize numerous Casia G nodes to form a network covering large areas, This will provide situational awareness and time to move UAS to safe zones, away from detected aircraft.

Through nodes co-located at DroneUp’s launch and recovery points, and distributed throughout its delivery areas, Casia G will act like a cellular tower-type service providing DroneUp with visibility of its airspace. If an object flies into DroneUp’s operating area, an alert will be sent and relevant data provided to the DroneUp flight team triggering an appropriate response and the avoidance of a potential collision.

We’re very excited to partner with Iris Automation, whose priorities on innovation and safety align directly with DroneUp’s mission,said John Vernon, CTO of DroneUp. “The technology behind Casia G for BVLOS has the potential to be a game-changer in demonstrating that delivery in more populated areas can be as convenient and secure as it currently is in rural environments. Through this partnership DroneUp can dramatically scale operations, freed from restrictions.”

DroneUp’s widespread success in commercializing drone delivery has been amazing to date,said Iris Automation CEO, Jon Damush. “Through the use of Casia G, DroneUp will be able to remove visual observers – creating a path to more economical scaling of their operations while simultaneously improving safety. Iris is proud to partner with DroneUp in this effort.”