Drone Photogrammetry Solution to improve the efficiency of Inventory work of raw material yards

Nippon Steel Corporation released the drone photo survey solution “Aerobo Survey 2.0” developed and provided by Aerosense Co., Ltd. which was officially adopted in the Kimitsu area of ​​the East Nippon Steel Works. “Aerobo Survey 2.0” will improve the efficiency of inventory work of raw material yards performed by on-site workers.

The steelworks has a vast raw material yard that extends for several kilometers in length, and various ironmaking raw materials are stored in the open. There was a problem with efficiency.

Therefore, Aerosense is a drone photogrammetry solution “Aerobo Survey” that combines a domestic drone “Aerobo” that flies automatically, an “Aerobo marker” to ensure accuracy, and an “Aerobo cloud” that automatically performs survey calculation at high speed. Regarding the inventory work using “2.0” , Aerosense have been conducting on-site verification with Nippon Steel East Nippon Works Kimitsu area since FY2019. And this time, it was decided to officially introduce it to this area as a method of inventory work of the raw material yard by the workers on the premises, and daily operation has started.

The introduction of “Aerobo Survey 2.0” is expected to improve work efficiency. In addition, since the amount of raw materials is calculated based on the three-dimensional shape of the mountain, it is expected that the accuracy of the survey will be improved. Digital transformation (DX) is becoming more widespread even in the field of heavy industry.