Eurotech announces BestNet OM3 LSZH MTP/MPO Fan-out cables

Eurotech Technologies, a leading provider of fiber optic solutions, introduced a wide range of BestNet OM3 LSZH MTP/MPO fan-out cables. The OM3 LSZH MTP/MPO cables (harness cables) are equipped with an MTP male/female connector on one end and with 4x LC/PC duplex on the other end. The cable allows splitting up the 10Gbps signals on several devices or ports and ideal for high density connections between servers, switches, QSFP+ and SFP+ transceivers.

The premium multimode fiber optic cable is designed to support higher bandwidths for high-density patching across data canters and enterprise installations. The 8 core multi-mode LSZH 50/125µm OM3 cables feature MTP push-pull tabs with flexible extensions that facilitate convenient installation and removal, while the compact design of the LC connectors saves space and improves cable management. Tested for insertion loss and return loss, the MPO to LC fiber patch cord is housed in a plenum-rated jacket and ideal for in-wall installations.

The high quality BestNet MTP/MPO LSZH fiber-optical fan-out cables – are ideal for use in 10/40 gigabit ethernet and fiber channel applications. The low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) jacket limits the amount of toxic smoke emitted in case of combustion, making it suitable for poorly ventilated areas.

“Supporting higher bandwidths needed for high-density data networking the BestNet multimode fiber optic cables are designed for high-density patching across data canters and enterprise installations”, said Mr. Anuj Jain, Managing Director, Eurotech Technologies.

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