GNSS Hardware Components for Maritime market

Topcon Positioning Systems will provide GNSS Hardware Components to DDK Positioning for Maritime market

Topcon Positioning Systems has entered into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) contract with DDK Positioning Ltd. to supply Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) hardware components. Founded in 2016 by a highly skilled team with extensive experience in the positioning field, DDK Positioning has combined technical ingenuity with the Iridium satellite network to create a robust, resilient and completely independent GNSS-augmenting positioning solution.

Topcon OEM GNSS components will be used by DDK Positioning to deliver their MAX services to Oceaneering International, Inc.’s clients. These clients, primarily in the marine energy sector, can achieve accuracy to less than 5 centimeters with this new service. Oceaneering recently conducted an extensive review of how it delivers positioning services to its clients and evaluated the significant advances made in communications infrastructure and services over recent years. Recently, Oceaneering announced an exclusive agreement with DDK Positioning to be the new provider of products and services to the offshore maritime market, delivered through the Iridium network and with Topcon OEM GNSS products.

“Our extensive research of receivers in the market, and the performance of Topcon, made the decision for our route going forward,” said Kevin Gaffney, CEO of DDK Positioning. “Topcon’s experience, their extensive support network and leadership will allow us to effectively support multiple clients, in addition to Oceaneering. We see this as a long-term partnership. Both companies worked tirelessly to bring this together.”

Ian Stilgoe, vice president of Topcon emerging business, said, “With Topcon Positioning System’s extensive history in precise positioning, providing high performance and quality GNSS boards, antennas and receivers to the OEM industry for over 20 years, the company is well-positioned to supply DDK Positioning with the hardware needed to support their clients globally. Working closely with DDK Positioning and Iridium was key to meet the requirements of Oceaneering and the maritime market. Topcon is pleased to be part of this effort to bring the latest positioning technology to this market segment.”