Semtech & DIC Corp. provide Critical IoT Data in Commercial Facilities

Ideal for smart buildings, peel and stick sensors benefit from LoRaWAN integration for low power use

Semtech Corporation collaborate with DIC Corp. for its new line of HatteTotteTM sensors which operate via the LoRaWAN standard and can measure temperature, humidity and the amount of light in a space. Its integration with LoRaWAN allows for low power consumption and long-distance communication, making the sensors ideal for smart building application in malls, workspaces, homes/apartments, and more.

“DIC Group strives to help create a society that adds rich “Color & Comfort” to people’s lives. Simplicity and design that blends into the space were top of mind when the HatteTotte sensor was in development,” said Hidefumi Nishi, manager, technology and marketing supervisor (device), DIC Corp. “The sleek design of the sensor and flexibility of installation to nearly anywhere within a building not only offers cost-saving benefits to building managers, but also potential life-saving ones to those most susceptible to dangerous fluxes of temperature. The unique, resilient and soft housing minimizes the risk in drops. HatteTotte sensors are able to adapt to all uses and provide peace of mind for building owners to ensure all occupants are safe at all times.”

The ease of installation of the HatteTotte sensors comes from the thin, peel and stick design of the sensor, allowing the sensor to be installed nearly anywhere in a smart building setting. Once the sensor is installed, deployment is simple with easy set up via a personal computer where the end user is able to monitor the temperature, humidity and light inside a space and automate accordingly for comfort. HatteTotte sensors are thin, available in a normal or waterproof versions, easy to install with its peel and stick feature, and last up to 5 years with a built-in battery.

“As we move post-pandemic, monitoring the environment within an area is important to create a safe and healthy space for all,” said Marc Pégulu, vice president, IoT product marketing and strategy in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group.DIC’s utilization of LoRaWAN for its HatteTotte sensors showcases the remarkable ease of use and deployment of Internet of Things solutions to create a smarter planet for its customers.”

To learn more about how Semtech’s LoRa devices enable smart building applications, please visit here.